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Will positioning the body upside down reduce back stress, stimulate blood circulation and increase flexibility? Impex, maker of the Marcy Inversion Table, appears to have the solution. The Marcy Inversion Table is a piece of equipment in which individuals strap themselves to the foot straps, lay back on the nylon backrest and position their bodies at a 45 to 135 degree angle. The Marcy Inversion Table is not available on the official website, but third-party sites such as sell the Marcy Inversion Table for approximately $130.

List of Ingredients

Inversion table with adjustable feet straps and nylon backrest.

Product Features

The Marcy Inversion Table features steel reinforced tubing surrounded by a nylon backrest and foot straps. Additional inversion tables from Marcy include one made from birch wood and variety where the individual sits. The unit folds for ease in storage. Weight guidelines allow individuals up to 300 pounds to use the Marcy Inversion Table.

Claims associated with the Marcy Inversion Table include a reduction in back stress, increased blood circulation and flexibility. We could not find scientific research establishing the claims as fact. We did find that once an individual is upside down, they will experience a rush of blood of blood to the head and possibly lightheadedness.

We also researched the possible limitations of the Marcy Inversion Table. Individuals with above average height will find using the Marcy Inversion Table difficult. Another discrepancy we found with the Marcy Inversion Table is the lack of a comprehensive diet guide. The Marcy Inversion Table is touted as a piece of equipment designed to improve the body, yet a diet plan is not included.

We did find the Marcy Inversion Table on the official website, but not for sale. It is available at third-party sites such as for $130.

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  • Weight guidelines established.
  • Foldable for ease in storage.


  • Inverting the body could lead individuals with the feeling of lightheadedness and an instant rush of blood to the head.
  • Claims of increased back flexibility and improved athletic performance are not supported by scientific research.
  • The Marcy Inversion Table does not include a comprehensive guide regarding the use.
  • Individuals of above average height will find using the Marcy Inversion Table difficult.
  • Not available on the official website.


The Marcy Inversion Table offers many claims as to why consumers should buy this product. We found nothing bound by scientific research. The claims of increased flexibility and reduced lower back pain can be achieved by simply stretching on a regular basis. The product does not offer dieters any advice regarding proper eating and supplementation. Dieters wanting to achieve maximum weight loss will need a program of proper diet, exercise and supplementation. The Marcy Inversion Table does not offer any of these qualities.

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