Marcy Mag Cycle Review

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The Marcy Mag Cycle is marketed by Impex, a sports equipment manufacturer based in Southern California. The Marcy brand is known for producing exercise equipment including strength training machines, dumbbells, elliptical machines and bikes. The Marcy Mag Cycle is a product which uses magnetic resistance in order to provide varying levels of difficulty.

List of Ingredients

A magnetic resistance product available as an upright of step-through cycle.

Product Features

The Marcy Mag Cycle features a computer screen with eight preset workouts for dieter of all fitness levels. Through our research, we found this feature to be beneficial, but also found the lack of personalized workouts to be a negative. Not every fitness level is capable of doing a preset workout, thus the need for workouts tailored to their personal goals.

Upon further review of the Marcy Mag Cycle, we found no indication of height and weight restrictions. A person of extreme height and weight could potentially harm themselves by using the Marcy Mag Cycle. Although the seat adjusts, a person below average height will have difficulty reaching the handlebars without extending their backs in an unnatural position.

We found the size of the Marcy Mag Cycle was adequate for small spaces and easily transportable. The product contains wheels at the bottom. The Marcy Mag Cycle does not include information regarding proper diet or required length of workouts. The Marcy Mag Cycle is not available on the official website, only on third-party websites for approximately $120.

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  • The Marcy Mag Cycle fits into small spaces.
  • Two year limited warranty.
  • The Marcy Mag Cycle is available at third-party ecommerce sights.
  • Easy to read computer screen.
  • Comparatively priced to other mag cycles at $120.
  • The product is available upright or in a step-through design.
  • The product offers preset workouts.


  • The Marcy Mag Cycle is not available on the official website.
  • The Marcy Mag Cycle does not specify weight restrictions.
  • The product is not designed for dieters who are above average in height.
  • No information is provided on the correct amount of time to use the product in order to achieve maximum weight loss.
  • Lack of customizable workouts.


The Marcy Mag Cycle is a product designed to assist a dieter achieve their weight loss goals. Unfortunately, the Marcy Mag Cycle is not a product for dieters of all levels. The product does not offer the dieter information regarding weight limitation, thus excluding dieters of extreme weight. Even though the Marcy Mag Cycle has an adjustable seat, we could not find information regarding height limitations, thus excluding the dieter who is above average.

Workout machines help dieters with one phase of their overall weight loss goals, but in order to maximize weight loss, a dieter must encompass workout, diet and the proper amount of supplementation.

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