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Maria’s Last Diet is about more than just losing weight. Weight loss is simple, if you take the entire picture into consideration. While many people rush online and search for diet and exercise plans to lose weight, few take a look at mental and emotional support. The emotional link between the dieter and food can make or break a weight loss plan. The official website for Maria’s Last Diet is more of a blog than an informational portal. There are blog updates with information on how to mentally prepare and succeed at weight loss with a focus on the real life events that often derail weight loss plans.

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Information on succeeding at weight loss.

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It is clear from the Maria’s Last Diet website that the author is selling books on breaking food habits and learning how to psychologically prepare for weight loss. These are available for sale on the right column of the blog. The majority of the information is presented in short and long articles on weight loss and typical life situations. Reading through some of the posts, we found the information well-written and focused, but there is still something missing. The dieter must search through categories and a long list of posts to find information relevant to their personal situation. There are links to clinical studies and health articles from trusted websites like the National Institutes of Health, but there is no real push to buy the books advertised on the page. We assume the authors are trying to provide relevant information in hopes of gaining trust with the reader. If the reader trusts the author, they will likely trust the book suggestions and maybe make a purchase.

We found no information on healthy supplementation for weight loss. With the right proven ingredients, the dieter can increase weight loss and metabolism with safe supplements. While the mental support is covered with Maria’s Last Diet, the other physical factors of weight loss are not taken into consideration. Dieters that are mentally prepared for weight loss must still fight fatigue and hunger.

There is no cost for visiting Maria’s Last Diet. The only cost is associated with the books the author suggests on the page.

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  • Relevant, researched information on weight loss and real life situations that often break a diet.
  • Mental readiness is important to weight loss success.


  • No real push for any product or service.
  • Advice is great, but the dieter is not given a clear cut solution.


Maria’s Last Diet is a great information portal, but the dieter will likely find the same information on a plethora of other websites. There is very little new information on the site.

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