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Marilu Henner is an actress who starred in a few made for TV movies and several Broadway shows. Over the past few years, she has created a plan to help people improve their lifestyles and overall health. This plan is known as Marilu Henner’s Total Health Makeover. The program is membership based, and costs $9.95 per month, or $89.95 per year, after a seven day free trial.

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Marilu Henner has developed a ten step program that she believes will help everyone shape their lifestyles and live healthier. The overview of the steps addresses both food and exercise. She believes you should watch out for chemicals in the food you eat, thus staying away from red meat and dairy products because of the increased hormones that are given to those animals as they raise them. She believes you should also at least cut back on, if not cut out things like caffeine and nicotine. She says you need to combine your foods in a manner that aids digestion, get enough sleep, exercise every day, and do everything with “gusto” or a positive attitude, because outlook is just as important as the other actions you need to take to get your body in shape. She also notes that during your daily exercise, you should break a sweat for at least ten minutes.

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  • The program focuses on overall health.
  • The program provides access to health recipes and


  • You may pay for it but never use it.
  • Diet may be extreme for some people.
  • Some people may need a more structured program.


This is an excellent program, though many people may find it overwhelming to have to cut out animal products and cut down on smoking and caffeine at once. Members have access to a wide variety of information such as recipes for good meals that are healthy, simple exercises that can be done to break a sweat each day, and other online support resources. Marilu Henner claims that following her program will lead to weight loss, increased energy, better digestion, fewer illnesses, and a balanced mood. The problem with this is that some people may sign up for the program and never use it, sort of like a health club membership. The fact is that if reading information and an online support group will not likely motivate you, then you will probably be better off finding another program or weight loss supplement to help you in your health ventures. Something like this program will definitely require a long term commitment.

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