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Written by Jennifer Sanders, to encourage her with her own weight loss goals, The Martini Diet is about how you can become a food snob and enjoy your meals while still losing weight. Sanders is a self-help author, and has no educational background in either fitness or nutrition. The plan is basically a portion controlled plan, without counting calories, where the portions are measured using a martini glass-hence the name of the book.

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The basic premise of this diet is you should become a food snob to rise above the junk and processed foods, only requiring the highest quality of food. She allows you to eat whatever you want so long as each piece of the meal can fit within a three ounce martini glass, and it falls within the “high quality” food category. She does not advise snacking, as this is “not elegant.” You should eat three meals per day following the martini glass rule, and if you choose to have dessert, you should only eat one bite. This plan makes it easy to dine out. Order whatever you want, and only eat a third of it. Take the rest home to eat later, and you will have two more meals. Repeatedly over the course of the book, she reminds dieters to be careful and not overindulge themselves in food. She also makes sure to note that even though the title suggests you can drink freely, the consumption of alcohol should be limited while following this program. You can have a glass of wine every day, with your dinner, or a martini every once in a while if you so choose. Sanders says dieters should not plan on being able to enjoy high calorie foods without working out “vigorously” to justify them. She promotes “graceful and elegant” forms of exercise such as horse back riding and ballet. She also promotes sex as a good form of exercise.

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  • This program gives dieters enjoyable alternatives to overindulgence in food, including massage and beauty treatments.
  • This program encourages eating high quality fruits and vegetables.
  • This program does not require dieters to count calories.


  • This book promotes conceited behavior that others around the dieter may not appreciate.
  • This book suggests limiting portion sizes of everything, even the fruits, vegetables, and other healthy food options.
  • WIth the incredibly small portion sizes, you may feel hungry in between meals, and snacking is not allowed.
  • The plan is expensive to keep up for the long term, which may make it hard for dieters to stick to it.
  • Sanders presents some impractical advice, such as binging on your favorite foods to get rid of the cravings, and drinking a cup of black coffee instead of eating.
  • This is not a realistic long term eating plan to promote weight loss that will stay off.


We do not recommend this diet as there are several potential issues with it. Eat a balanced diet, exercise, and take a proven supplement instead of using something like this.

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