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There are plenty of prohormones out there and plenty of bodybuilding forums to knock them down a few notches. We have found that bodybuilders are not typically supportive of prohormones because of the potential side effects. MassFire, a prohormone from GE Pharma does not bother to try and convince bodybuilders that these side effects won’t happen, but they do offer liver therapy and PCT supplements in addition to MassFire in an attempt to keep the side effects at bay and maintain muscle gains after the prohormone cycle. When the customer orders MassFire, they have the option to add these other supplements right from the main description before checking out.

List of Ingredients

2a,17a- dimethyl- 17B, Hydroxy- 5a- androstan- 3- one, 6- Bromoandrostenedione, 4- chloro- 17a methyl- androst- 1,4- diene- 3- 17b- diol.

Proprietary MassFire Blend: Alpha GPC Complex, Tongkat Ali Extract, 5-HTP and N-2-5-Methoxyindol-3-Ethyl-Acetamide.

Product Features

MassFire is a bit different from other prohormones. Not only does the company offer liver support and PCT directly from the product description in an attempt to help the bodybuilder choose all the supplements they need to complete a cycle, but they also address the negative effects of prohormones in the formula. One of the negative effects commonly reported is reduced sex drive. Tongkat Ali is commonly used to promote a healthy sex drive in men, so this ingredient may be included for that reason.

The remaining ingredients are derivatives of prohormones. There are methyl compounds in this formula so liver function will be affected. The bodybuilder needs to cycle off this supplement as directed and take a liver support and PCT supplement to recover from the cycle. Some liver support supplements can be taken while taking prohormones to prevent or help ease the effects of prohormones like MassFire.

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  • May increase lean muscle and gross muscle mass.
  • All ingredients are listed online.
  • The supplement includes Tongkat Ali to increase sex drive.


  • May cause a rise in estrogen.
  • May cause acne.
  • May cause headaches and anxiety.
  • Should not be used by bodybuilders with a psychiatric history.
  • Should not be used if there are any heart problems, including high blood pressure.
  • May cause liver damage.


Prohormones may increase lean muscle mass, but that effect is only observed while on cycle. When the cycle is finished, the lean muscle falls away unless PCT is taken and it is effective. PCT should be combined with liver support to prevent liver damage. Not all cases of liver damage from taking prohormones are prevented with liver support. Dieters should not take MassFire because it may increase hunger and it will not effectively increase weight loss or metabolism.

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