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What You Should Know

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Max Lean PM is a night time weight loss aid created by Max Muscle. Max Muscle was founded in 1990, and claims to be a premier force in the sports nutrition industry. Max Muscle has a wide range of products such as clothing, diet supplements, and various sports nutrition items. Max Lean PM is part of the Max Lean 24-Hour System, which claims to burn calories both day and night while accelerating how fast your body naturally burns fat and by increasing your metabolism.

The official website doesn’t give a lot of information about Max Lean PM. Instead it has a very long story about a PE teacher who discovers the Max Lean system and claims to see amazing results. We found an informational product data sheet that Max Muscle released that has much more information. The product data sheet for Max Lean PM states that this product is a “fat-loss accelerator” that will support the normal functioning of your thyroid gland, increase your metabolism, and is a natural sleep-aid. It’s not often that you will come across a diet product that claims to function effectively while you are sleeping and promises you an easier time falling and staying asleep. The Max Lean system consists of four separate products, so it’s possible Max Lean PM may counteract some of the other products that contain stimulants.

List of Ingredients

Chamomile powder, valerian root extract, acetyl L-carnitine, commiphora mukul (guggulsterones), L-tyrosine, vitamin B-5 (calcium Dpantothenate), di-calcium phosphate and magnesium stearate.
Capsule is made of gelatin.

Product Features

Max Lean PM claims to help you burn fat and help you sleep. The ingredients show that it contains valerian root and chamomile, both of which are fairly well known and trusted holistic sleep aids. The inclusion of L-Carnitine is used to help prevent future build up of fatty acids, and L-Tyrosine may increase serotonin levels so you could have a decrease in food cravings at night.

Even though Max Lean PM is just one part of the four part Max Lean system, the manufacturer doesn’t say the only using the Max Lean PM product would be ineffective on its own. The manufacturer does suggest, however, using many of their products at once will yield maximum results.

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  • Max Lean PM may help you sleep better.
  • Contains some natural ingredients.


  • Max Lean PM is technically part of a complete system offered by Max Muscle, and the whole system is required to see best results.
  • The official website for this product doesn’t have a lot of detailed information.
  • You have to search for the product data sheet if you want a full list of ingredients.


Max Lean PM isn’t terribly expensive, and it contains some ingredients that may actually help increase your metabolism. We aren’t sure if the herbs that can help you sleep are well tolerated by everyone so you may want to make sure you aren’t allergic to any of them. If you are really looking for a combination sleep-aid and diet product, you might be interested in Max Lean PM.

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