Max Muscle Max Anabol Cuts Review

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Max Muscle Max Anabol Cuts is an intense fat burner for the intense dieter and bodybuilder. Max Muscle is known for promoting products with bodybuilding stars like Jay Cutler and this product is one of those that should only be used by professionals. The ingredient list for Max Anabol Cuts is available online. There are no free trials, though we would have liked to see samples sent out free so the dieter can test how they react to the intense blend of stimulants. Direct ordering is supported, but dieters may have some difficulty finding the information on the website.

List of Ingredients

Anabol Cuts Proprietary Blend: Slimaluma, Testofen, Green Tea Extract, Caffeine.

Product Features

The product description for Max Muscle Max Anabol Cuts aims this product at athletes and bodybuilders. There is also mention of the supplement being appropriate for libido and sexual drive.

Slimaluma is an ingredient aimed at suppressing appetite. There are some studies that support this claim. Though it is not the most effective appetite suppressant, clinical research backing an ingredient is always a good thing. Studies supporting Slimaluma are listed with the product description – this is a good choice by Max Muscle.

Testofen is not such a good ingredient. Of course, there are no studies linking this ingredient to increased testosterone, because there aren’t any studies available. We have seen references to increased libido. Pro-hormones used to be included in supplements just like these to boost testosterone, but most were outlawed in 2005 for use in supplements. In place of these pro-hormones, natural libido boosters were used. They do not, however, increase testosterone.

Green Tea Extract and Caffeine are proven ingredients that work well to increase weight loss and fat burn. There are clinical studies to back up these claims and some are listed in the product literature on Max Muscle Max Anabol Cuts. We do not know how much of these ingredients are included, which could render the clinical references invalid. Some studies may include 350 mg of green tea, for instance, and that would mean the supplement would have to include that much as well.

Max Muscle Max Anabol Cuts sells for $75 a bottle. This price is a bit higher than we expected with the few ingredients listed and no total amounts.

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  • Ingredients listed on the main website.
  • Products can be ordered directly from Max Muscle.
  • Caffeine and Green Tea are proven to increase metabolism.
  • Slimaluma may decrease hunger.


  • Marketed as a strong fat burner so the stimulant level may be too high for many dieters.
  • Marketed for men only because of the natural testosterone booster.


The literature claims max Muscle Max Anabol Cuts is an intense product for intense dieters and athletes. We did not find a lot of ingredients to support these claims.

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