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What You Should Know

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Max Muscle Max CLA is a conjugated linoleic acid supplement. Conjugated linoleic acid is supposed to increase fat loss. Natural sources of CLA include eggs, beef and cheese. Linoleic acid is an omega fatty acid. The features of Max Muscle Max CLA include reduced accumulation of fat, improved lean muscle and improved fat burning. Though these claims are common, they are not substantiated with clinical research. Max Muscle supports online ordering. There is no guarantee clearly noted on the website and free trials are not offered.

List of Ingredients

1,500 mg Conjugated Linoleic Acid derived from Safflower Oil.

Product Features

Many studies have been completed on conjugated linoleic acid. In rats and mice, the supplement has shown promise as an anti-cancer agent. These studies do not equate to humans because humans are far different than rats and mice.

In regards to weight loss, the effect of Max CLA is limited. More than 30 studies have been completed on the ingredient and many show significant body changes. The changes include fat loss and muscle gain, thus the net weight loss is not statistically significant. For a dieter who wants to lose weight without increasing lean muscle mass, this product is not the appropriate supplement. Max CLA does not have a fat burning effect. It will not increase metabolism or heart rate, as is the case with many proven fat burners, like caffeine.

Max CLA does come with increased risk of side effects, when compared to other proven weight loss supplements. The most common adverse effects are insulin resistance in people with diabetes and stomach upset. Gastrointestinal side effects, like gas and bloating, have also been reported.

Max CLA by Max Muscle sells for $35.00.

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  • Ingredients are published on the official website.
  • A complete product description is provided for Max CLA.
  • CLA may increase lean muscle mass with reducing fat.


  • The price is higher than other CLA supplements.
  • CLA may cause negative side effects for diabetics.
  • Can cause gastrointestinal side effects.
  • No free trials offered.
  • The website is very difficult to navigate.
  • Not a thermogenic supplement.


Max Muscle Max CLA claims to significantly increase fat loss and improve lean muscle. There are studies to support this claim, but that does not mean using the supplement is without risk. Diabetics should not take Max CLA because it may affect insulin levels. Dieters wishing to lose weight may not see the effects they desire as CLA may increase lean muscle while decreasing fat. When that happens simultaneously, the weight loss is minimal because muscle weighs more than fat. CLA is a supplement that can be purchased for less than $15 with the same source ingredients as Max CLA.

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