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What You Should Know

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Max Muscle Max Lean is a fat burning supplement from Max Muscle. The ingredient list is typical of fat burners on the market today. Max Muscle offers an official website and stores located throughout the United States. The website is difficult to navigate with information on the supplements located in a one place and the pricing information and ordering in another. We could find no testimonials on the products nor could we find any mention of a guarantee from the official website.

List of Ingredients

Pantothenic Acid.

Max Lean Daytime Blend: Citrus Aurantium, Caffeine, Green Tea Extract, White Willow Bark, Acetyl-L-Carnitine, L-Tyrosine, Comiphora Mukul Extract and Ginger Root.

Product Features

Citrus aurantium is a source of synephrine. Synephrine is a commonly used stimulant in weight loss products. Stimulants are used as thermogenic ingredients that increase heart rate to boost fat metabolism. Interestingly, not all stimulants that cause a boost in heart rate promote fat loss. Caffeine is proven to boost energy and fat loss, while synephrine is not. There have been claims that synephrine could cause harmful side effects, similar to those caused by Ephedra, but the ingredient has not been banned by the FDA.

Caffeine and green tea are two ingredients we like to see in a weight loss supplement. Both have strong clinical evidence backing claims of increased weight loss. White willow bark is a natural aspirin. We assume, based on these few ingredients that Max Muscle Max Lean is trying to recreate the ECA stack without the Ephedra. The ECA stack was one of the few weight loss formulas that worked to boost weight loss in everyone who took it. Ephedra has since been banned so caffeine and synephrine often take the place of that ingredient, but the effect is not the same.

Max Muscle Max Lean sells for $30.

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  • Green tea and caffeine are proven to boost weight loss.
  • All ingredients are provided on the Max Lean information sheet.
  • The price is lower than most fat burners.


  • Citrus aurantium may cause negative side effects.
  • Information on the product may be hard to find.
  • Not all ingredients are clinically proven to boost weight loss.
  • Two stimulants in the same supplement may cause jitters
  • The pseudo ECA stack will not work like the original.


Dieters want a supplement with testimonials, before and after photos and proven ingredients. There are a few ingredients with clinical backing in Max Muscle Max Lean, but the negative ingredients may outshine the positive ones. We suggest dieters take safe ingredients that have no negative side effects like chromium and green tea. These work together to promote weight loss without having to worry about increased heart rate and elevated blood pressure.

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