Max Muscle Quadra Cuts Thyroid Review

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What You Should Know

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Max Muscle Quadra Cuts Thyroid uses herbs and essential nutrients to boost thyroid function. The problem with thyroid supplements is that not everyone needs thyroid support. If the thyroid is functioning properly, the supplement will not work to improve weight loss. In the case that a dieter has reduced thyroid function, there are clinical studies that natural thyroid boosters support healthy thyroid function.

Max Muscle products can be ordered from the official website. Information is difficult to find, but product descriptions are available in PDF form and ordering is available from the Max Muscle online store. There are no free trials or money-back guarantees that we could find. Testimonials are not used to support claims for Max Muscle Quadra Cuts Thyroid.

List of Ingredients

Thiamin, Riboflavin, Niacin, Iodine, Magnesium, Manganese, Ascorbic Acid, Zinc, Selenium, L-Tyrosine and L-Aspartic Acid.

Quadra Cuts Thyroid Support Blend: Guggul, Coleus Forskohlii, Ashwagandha and Bauhinia Purpurea Bark.

Product Features

Guggul or Guggulsterones is commonly included in herbal supplements to reduce cholesterol. There are no clinical studies to support these claims. Studies have tested Guggulsterones at several doses.

Coleus Forskohlii is used in many weight loss supplements. In alternative medicine it is used to treat heart conditions and pain during urination. Some information claims the ingredient is proven to boost thyroid function, but none of these claims are backed with research links.

Ashwagandha root is used as a sexual stimulant and diuretic in some weight loss supplements. There is very little research on the ingredient. We did find reference to a few thyroid function studies, but none support a positive boost in thyroid function in human research.

Bauhinia Purpurea Bark bas shown promise in animal studies. The thyroid boosting properties have not been tested in humans. It does have a laxative effect which could help reduce body weight, but only temporarily.

Quadra Cuts Thyroid sells for $49.95.

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  • Dieters can find a complete ingredient list online.
  • Bauhinia Purpurea Bark may have thyroid boosting effects.


  • No testimonials supporting the product claims.
  • Information may be hard to find on the supplement from the Max Muscle website.
  • None of the studies listed to support Quadra Cuts Thyroid were completed on humans.
  • The price is higher than other thyroid boosting supplements.
  • Some ingredients have diuretic and laxative properties.


Diuretics and laxatives have no place in weight loss. If a dieter is having trouble with water retention or constipation, there are dedicated supplements for these concerns. Weight loss requires boosting metabolism and eating a reduced calorie diet. Exercise is also important. Stimulants used in many fat burners may increase energy enough to boost exercise. If a dieter has no thyroid problem, this supplement will not help them lose weight.

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