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Max Muscle is a vitamin formulator and franchise business that specializes in sports and bodybuilding supplements. The official website offers testimonials and before and after photos from customers having used the Max Muscle products to lose weight, gain muscle and reform their bodies. We like the set-up of the website, but navigation is a bit confusing. There is so much information that a dieter can easily get lost before finding the ultimate supplement. Max Muscle is not designed for the average dieter and fat loss supplements ten to be caffeine and stimulant heavy. It is best to start out with the lowest possible dose when using Max Muscle fat burning products.

List of Ingredients

Vitamin retailer and supplement franchise.

Product Features

What does the average dieter look for when researching the best fat burners and weight loss supplements? They look for testimonials and reviews. Max Muscle offers both, but the reviews are aimed more at bodybuilding then they are at weight loss, so the dieter needs to be aware of the supplements they choose from Max Muscle. Look at the product label for stimulants and caffeine. Most dieters will start feeling the effects of caffeine at 50 to 75 mg. Anything above 100 mg could cause negative side effects. Many supplements from Max Muscle contain more than 100 mg of caffeine per serving.

From the front page of Max Muscle, the dieter must click on the Online Store button at the top of the screen. There, the dieter will find a full listing of supplements sold online. The diet and weight loss category contains 16 products: Cleanse and Lean, Femme Lean, Max Anabol Cuts 2, Max Anabol Cuts, Max CLA, Max Extreme Therm X and others. Some of these supplements contain stimulants and others do not. Some are colon cleansing supplements promoted as weight loss aids.

Max Muscle allows online ordering. Supplements range in price from $20 to $100 or more per bottle.

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  • All products sold in Max Muscle stores are available online.
  • A complete list of ingredients is available for each supplement.
  • The company offers various options for weight loss and fat loss.


  • Not all products are safe for the average dieter.
  • Stimulants can cause negative side effects like jitters and shakes.
  • Taking stimulants for a prolonged period may cause the body to become addicted to stimulation.
  • Some supplements cost nearly $100 per bottle.


Max Muscle offers supplements for athletes and bodybuilders. Some supplements bleed over into dieting, but the formulas tend to be stronger than the average fat burner. Max Muscle stores are located in several states, but most are concentrated on the west coast.

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