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Maximum International is a manufacturer of nutritional supplements located in Pompano, Florida. Maximum International released their first product in 1999 called Testosterole, their first in the category of Adult Health supplements. Since then, they have developed over 100 products in 5 product lines. The five product lines include: Aspen Naturally, Maximum Adult Health, 1-EZ Diet, Maximize, and The Good Doctor. Maximum International states that their mission statement is “to provide high quality dietary supplements that will enhance the lives of their customers.”


Not applicable. Maximum International uses only the highest quality ingredients.

Product Features

Maximum International is a manufacturer of over 100 nutritional supplements. The company’s first products were sexual health products. They have now expanded into 5 different product lines. These product lines are: Aspen Naturally, Maximum Adult Health, 1-EZ Diet, Maximize, and The Good Doctor. Aspen Naturally is a line of natural health nutritional supplements ranging from multivitamins to dandelion. This product line has 83 supplements included in it. Maximum Adult Health is a line of sexual health products for both men and women, and was the first line manufactured by Maximum International. This product line has 12 different products, ranging from prostate health to breast augmentation. 1-EZ Diet is a line of weight loss supplements that includes a fat burner, an appetite suppressant, and a carb blocker. This line contains 5 products at the time of this review. Maximize is a product line that contains 3 supplements that include Hoodia, ASU, and Graviola. This line was introduced in 2005. The most recent product line is The Good Doctor. This line contains 1 product called OrthoSil, a joint supplement used to treat osteoarthritis. All these product lines are said to be made with only high quality ingredients.

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  • Maximum International has a dedicated website.
  • Maximum International products are widely available.


  • Maximum International does not offer clinical trial information for their products.
  • Maximum International has an overwhelming amount of products.


Maximum International is a nutritional and health supplement manufacturer of over 100 products in 5 product lines. The products include sexual health products, nutritional supplements, and weight loss products. The dedicated website offers testimonial information, however, it does not offer clinical trial information for any product. Full ingredient information is listed for each product on the website as well as product description and dosing information. All products can be purchased from the corporate website or from the partner retailer stores. Consumers may be overwhelmed by the sheer number of products manufactured by this company and shown on the corporate website.

Consumers looking for weight loss supplements would have to buy two products from Maximum International. Consumers should look for a single weight loss product that contains both an appetite suppressant and fat burner. This combination in a single product will offer the best results when paired with a sensible diet and exercise. The product should have a dedicated website with customer testimonials and clinical trials proving the safety and effectiveness of the product.

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