Maximum Metabolism Weight Loss Plan Review

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Maximum Metabolism weight loss plan combines diet and exercise to achieve a thinner, slimmer result. Created by Source Naturals, the entire plan is available for reading and printing online. The company does not earn money from the Maximum Metabolism weight loss plan. Instead, they earn money from the supplements sold on the website that are suggested while following the plan. Supplementation for energy, fat burn and mental balance are suggested and offered by Source Naturals.

List of Ingredients

Diet and weight loss plan with supplementation and exercise.

Product Features

The Maximum Metabolism weight loss plan description explains the 10 things needed to achieve healthy, lasting weight loss. Among these are supplements, exercise, fruit and low-fat meals. There is skepticism in the weight loss community about eating low fat. Not all fats are created the same and some fats are essential for great health. Studies completed on the Atkins Diet, an extremely high fat diet, showed positive effects on cholesterol and health after 10 years on the program. Low fat diets may also be linked to yo-yo dieting as low fat can leave the dieter hungry and craving more food.

From the main page of the Source Naturals website, dieters can see what supplements are suggested to compliment the program – as well as read more about how the diet should be followed. Supplements suggested include fiber, carb blockers and several weight loss supplements. It does not appear that Source Naturals has one list of supplements picked out for this eating plan, but rather many supplements that could fit into the program. This includes several fat burners and that could be confusing to the dieter.

Many of the supplements include stimulants, natural diuretics and laxatives. This is not the route we believe is most useful for any dieter. Diuretics and laxatives can lead to dehydration and death. Stimulants, while necessary for increased heart rate and metabolism are not all created equal. Some pose a danger to dieters, while others only pose significant risk at high doses.

The Maximum Metabolism weight loss plan is free so dieters can feel free to read through the literature and find out more about the program at no charge. Before choosing any weight loss supplement it is important to research all ingredients and search out clinical support via trials and research studies that back up any claims.

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  • The Maximum Metabolism weight loss plan is free.
  • Dieters can read all information on the plan from the official Source Naturals website.


  • Dieters may not wish to order supplements from Source Naturals.
  • Some supplements include diuretics and laxatives.
  • The prices of some supplements are higher than average.


Maximum Metabolism weight loss plan offers good information for many dieters to utilize during any weight loss plan. Though supplements are suggested, we found no supplements on the official website that met our strict requirements. In order for a dieter to trust a supplement, the manufacturer must provide research studies or links to clinical trials involving the supplement being sold.

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