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Mayo Clinic Diet Review - Does This Eating Plan Work? Are a lack of new information and few recipes deal breakers?

Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0
Mayo Clinic Diet Review

This week, I obsessed over every aspect of the Mayo Clinic Diet. We looked at the details of the plan, side effects and clinical research. We also dove deep into forums and comments to see what users were saying. Then, we summarized it to give you the bottom line.

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What is the Mayo Clinic Diet?

To begin with, the Mayo Clinic Diet is an eating plan that was first released by the hospital. The idea was to change eating habits to lose weight and improve health. Information is available from the official website, so you know all the details. It looks like it is tailored to your height, weight and gender.

The Mayo Clinic, a medical organization, created the diet. You can buy books about it on Amazon and through other retailers. We like the attention to eating right for improved health and weight-loss and the fact that it is associated with medicine, but read on…

New Information – “Not Exactly?”

First off, we found that the Mayo Clinic Diet details are not exactly packed with new, exciting information. “This plan has been around for many years,” explained our Research Editor. “During that time, dieters have already learned the basics and are in search of something unique.”

“None of this is new and anyone who is a veteran of weight loss will find nothing new or ground breaking here,” said one reader.

A dieter offered, “This book MIGHT be for you if: you subscribe to the old, tried-and-true formula for weight loss (eat fewer calories, exercise more), but need to know the details and need some help in getting, and staying, motivated.”

Some agreed that it was nothing new, but appreciated the information.

One explained, “Pretty much common sense, but always good to have a reinforcement.”

“This is a great book. I appreciate its approach and all the information. Well organized,” as another put it.”

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Lack of Recipes – “What Am I Supposed to Eat?”

Just because there is information on how to follow the diet, doesn’t mean there is enough information on the foods you can eat.

“I’m very disappointed. This book had very few recipes,” offered a dieter.

One more said, “I would like the book to include more recipes.”

We also found people who felt there were just enough to guide the dieter in the right direction.

We found one review that said, “Good recipes so far.”

We also read, “This seems like it will be easy to follow and has many delicious recipes.”

It’s with years of research that we’ve found a link between things like lack of information and a lesser chance of results. If the Mayo Clinic Diet offers the dieter nothing new, they won’t take it seriously.

The Science – “Any Support?”

Simply put – yes, there is support for the basic structure of the Mayo Clinic Diet, which is why so many people say it is the same old song and dance. At DietSpotlight, we want facts and clinical support. You have that this time, but you get the same thing with a multitude of proven diets.

The Bottom Line – Does the Mayo Clinic Diet Work?

Have we already bought the book and started on our weight-loss journey? Well, we like the focus on eating right, but we are skeptical about suggesting this plan. The Mayo Clinic Diet is nothing new and you won’t likely learn more than – eat right and move more, according to multiple reviews. We’re also concerned that not enough information on meals and recipes is offered.

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How Does Mayo Clinic Diet Compare?

Previous Mayo Clinic Diet Review (Updated December 17, 2013):

What You Should Know

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The Mayo Clinic Diet claims that the weight loss program will utilize the special properties found in grapefruit to help the dieter burn fat. The Mayo Clinic Diet program also claims that the dieter should eat a large amount of fat in order to lose weight. These claims are not said to be inaccurate by the medical community and they warn against people using this information as a vehicle for weight loss. This diet is only named The Mayo Clinic Diet, the clinic had no part of developing it and they have stated that they do not recommend the diet.

List Of Ingredients

Not Applicable.

Product Features

The Mayo Clinic Diet plan has meal plans already prepared that will tell the dieter what to eat and what to avoid. The foods are to work towards a theory of food combinations to stimulate the fat burning process. The dieters eats all they want until they are full. Eat all the foods on the Mayo Clinic Diet plan. The grapefruit acts as the stimulus to starts the fat burning process. The dieter is required to limit coffee intake to one cup of coffee per meal and there can be no snacking in between meals. The primary claim of the Mayo Clinic Diet is that the fat from the food does not form fat but it helps to burn fat. You are allowed to use butter and fry foods in butter while on the diet. However, sugars and starches are eliminated from the diet plan. While on the diet, you can eat double or even triple the servings of meat and vegetables. This is because the diet claims the more you eat the more you will lose. The water intake requirement is a half a gallon of water every day. No caffeinated soft drinks are allowed. You go on the diet and remain faithful to the menu for twelve days and then go off of the diet for two days.

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  • Easy to follow.
  • Will not get hungry.
  • Few restrictions.


  • The diet is not healthy there are too few carbohydrates.
  • Based on unfounded information.
  • Deceptive name.
  • The suggested foods are associated with heart disease.


The diet is not nutritionally sound. The developers of this diet have only developed this one diet and have not been documented as having a reputable background in the diet or nutrition arena. The diet recommends foods that are high in fat, which has been linked to heart disease. This is a fad diet that someone developed and added the Mayo Clinic name. The Mayo Clinic has stressed this is not their diet, nor do they recommend the diet.

10 User Reviews About Mayo Clinic Diet

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  • 1
    alan newman

    I have high potassium what foods should I avoid eating?


  • 2

    I know how to diet but thought there might be some good plans for how much of each in calories of veg and carb and meat varieties would work.
    It sounds like the adkins diet which I tried for a week but I am too much of a vegetable person to stick with it; it would work I think but not something to do long haul. I can’t believe they get away with calling it mayo diet – but mayo could stand for mayonaise right? pkm


  • 3
    Karen Hirsch

    What about Garcinia Cambogia which is being touted as being so good in cutting belly fat?


  • 4

    Do you know about dr burzynski Is it true
    he can heal cancer?


  • 5
    Gwendolyn Jessie

    How can I get diet information about this program?


  • 6

    It does not promote eating tons of fat. Fats are permitted in form of bacon (breakfast) and on vegetables (dinner). Otherwise I feel it’s healthy as it promotes tons of vegetables, the half grapefruit fir fruit ad lean meat or fish for dinner. It cuts out white carbs (like pasta, bread and rice and potatoes


  • 7
    Sarah Thoren

    Are the ingredients for the Mayo Clinic available. Schedule of foods etc.? Thank you


  • 8
    Vervian Jackson

    I am diabetic can i take this product.


  • 9

    I started my mayo diet on weds and my 12th day is up today. I need to know can i continue the diet for the rest of this week instead of stopping for 2 days (monn & Tues) if i want to start my week over on a monday so my 2 days to stop will fall on sat and sun.I dont want to gain weight back in the process. what should i do for best results?


  • 10

    I have been on this diet for 5 days now and have lost weight. I did not know all the perticulars of it. If it is not safe where can I get the true Mayo Clinic Diet if there is one?


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