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The McDougall Program for Max weight loss is a diet program created by John and Mary McDougall. John McDougall, M.D. is a physician and nutritionist who believes that a vegetarian diet can reverse chronic diseases, such as heart disease. Dr. McDougall is the founder of the McDougall Program located in Santa Rosa, CA. The McDougall program is a 10 day residential program conducted in a resort that is said to produce medical miracles through lifestyle and diet changes. The McDougall Program for Max weight loss is just one of the programs developed by Dr. McDougall. The book is available for purchase through Dr. McDougall’s website.


Not applicable. The McDougall Program for Max weight loss book contains the full program plus 100 recipes.

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The McDougall Program for Max weight loss is a program developed by Dr. John McDougall, with recipes by his wife, Mary McDougall. This program is based on a strict vegetarian diet that restricts many of the foods that are encouraged on other diets. This diet limits protein intake, even in legumes and eggs, and encourages a select group of vegetables and fruits. It does not allow any animal products and severely limits oils, even olive oil. The consumer is encouraged to eat every couple of hours while on this diet, so long as the foods are on the allowed list. Many of the packaged foods listed on the dedicated website that are substitutes are made with soy or tofu. The groups of foods allowed on the diet include whole grain products, squashes, root vegetables, legumes, green and yellow vegetables, fruit, salt, simple sugars and spices, and miscellaneous. The program is said to allow up to 15 pounds of weight loss per month. Once the consumer has achieved a healthy weight, they change to the regular McDougall Program foods. Water is limited to 8 eight ounce glasses per day. The exercise portion of the diet is moderate, and it is recommended that the consumer walk 4-6 times a week for 30 minutes, and do two 15 minute strength training sessions per week. Caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, diet drugs or illegal drugs are explicitly prohibited in this plan.

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  • The McDougall Program for Max weight loss has a dedicated website.
  • The McDougall Program for Max weight loss encourages exercise in moderation.


  • The McDougall Program for Max weight loss allowable food list is very restrictive.
  • The McDougall Program for Max weight loss does not offer clinical trial information on the website.


The McDougall Program for Max weight loss is a strict vegetarian diet plan that is said to help the consumer lose 15 pounds per month. The diet is very restrictive, and may be difficult for some consumers to follow. The diet plan requires consumers to change not only their eating habits, but to discontinue use of caffeine, nicotine and alcohol. While this is probably good advice, physicians typically advise consumers to only change one thing in their life at a time to ensure that they can be successful. For example, a consumer wanting to lose weight should not try to quit smoking at the same time. The consumer should instead change their eating habits and when those are under control, quit smoking to ensure their success. Consumers looking for a total lifestyle makeover may do well with the McDougall Program for Max weight loss.

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