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MDR is a manufacturer of vitamin nutritional supplements. MDR or Medical Doctors Research Fitness Corporation was founded in 1983 in Sunrise, Florida, and its first product was a multivitamin. The AM PM Fitness Tabs were the first multivitamin to be added to the Physician’s Desk Reference (PDR). The MDR facility in Sunrise, Fl is fully inclusive to ensure the highest quality assurance for each product. MDR now offers products for all aspects of health and well being.


Not applicable. MDR products contain only the highest quality ingredients.

Product Features

MDR or Medical Doctors Research Fitness Corporation is a manufacturer of nutritional supplements for a variety of health and wellness concerns. Since its first product, AM PM multivitamins, MDR has expanded to offer many supplements. The categories of supplements include Anti-Aging, Daily, Heart, Energy/Stress, Joint/Bone, Memory, Digestive, Personal, Immune, Vision and Vital Factors. Some products are specifically formulated for men or women. Each product has a complete description, including ingredients and indications for use. MDR also offers product bundles for purchase that are designed to work together for overall health or specific needs. The products in the Personal category include a women’s menopausal formula, a men’s prostate health formula, and various external products such as shampoo and body lotion. The MDR website also offers a Special Deals page that offers free trials and bundles of products for sale. All products are for sale directly from the corporate website.

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  • MDR ensures the highest quality products through a stringent manufacturing quality assurance process.
  • MDR controls all aspects of development, manufacturing, marketing and sales, so the prices are affordable.


  • MDR offers many products which may be overwhelming for the consumer.
  • MDR does not offer customer testimonial information about their products.


MDR, or Medical Doctors Research Fitness Corporation, offers a variety of nutritional supplements for all aspects of health and wellness. The dedicated website offers product information, corporate information, health and wellness articles and an online store where the consumer can purchase all of MDR’s products. The information about each product does not have customer testimonial information or clinical trial information proving the safety and effectiveness of the products. The sheer number of products available from MDR may be a little overwhelming for some consumers. However, the website is fairly easy to navigate to find products. The products seem to be affordable and comparable to other health and nutrition products. Some products offer automatic shipping, so each month the consumer is shipped another month supply of the products. Before starting to take any nutritional supplement, the consumer should contact their physician.

Consumers looking for a weight loss supplement should look for one with a fat burner and appetite suppressant. This combination will offer the best results, along with a healthy diet and moderate exercise. The product should have a dedicated website with customer testimonials and clinical trial information proving the effectiveness of the product.

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