Meal Plan Reviews

Meal Plan Reviews
Many dieters find it hard to count up calories and keep track of all the food they’ve eaten. To solve this problem, diet gurus and food companies have developed meal plans that are low in calories and easy to follow. From recipes to frozen entrees, meal plans give you a plethora of diet-friendly meal options.

Some of the diets featured in our reviews focus on a low calorie diet. You’ll be provided with meal plans that include recipes for low calorie meals, snacks, and even desserts. Other diet plans are based on frozen entrees designed specifically for the meal plan. These frozen entrees make meal time simple since you can throw them in the microwave whenever you need to make your next meal. Some of these frozen entrees plans can be shipped to you once a month, so you never have to set foot in a grocery store!

Along with low calorie meal plans, you can find plans that utilize certain types of food which supposedly raise your metabolism while they’re being digested. The University of Maryland conducted an interesting study on this subject. Another type of meal plan includes limiting yourself to a small number of healthy foods. Finally, there are meal plans that focus on eating specific combinations of food. For example, eating proteins with veggies but not carbs supposedly helps the meal digest more efficiently and causes weight loss.

Whatever you schedule, you’re sure to find a meal plan option that works for you! Browse our reviews and reader comments to find out which options have worked best for our readers.

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