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People who want to lose weight or who wish to maintain a healthy weight after weight loss are often eager to try new diets or diet products that promise an easy and effective strategy. The creators of the MediterrAsian Diet promise this through the use of their website and their guide book.

The MediterrAsian Way is a diet plan that combines the principles of Asian and Mediterranean lifestyles and diets. The aspects chosen from these diets are those that have received the most acclaim in scientific circles to promote weight management and overall health. The diet plan makes a number of promises that would be tempting for anyone who wanted to lose weight such as the ability to eat all of one’s favorite foods and consume alcoholic beverages while adhering to this supposedly healthy diet.

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Product Features

The majority of the instruction offered by the MediterrAsian Way diet is common sense. They encourage dieters to eat unprocessed foods when possible, to increase their fruit and vegetable intake, and to increase physical activity and relaxation. The book retails for approximately $28.

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  • The book is readily available from a variety of sellers.
  • Numerous before and after pictures.


  • The product is primarily a cookbook and not a diet plan.
  • Much of the information found in the book is available for free from the parent website.
  • The program claims to be a lifestyle, however, it offers only minimal information on aspects of the new lifestyle other than the included recipes.
  • The scientific research that is provided is for the individual diets of Mediterranean and Asian peoples, not for the fusion diet offered by the creators.
  • The recipes included in the diet plan do not provide nutritional information.
  • The diet is high in carbohydrates which many studies have found to be detrimental to weight loss.


Consumers who are looking for a detailed diet plan that provides explicit instructions for losing weight will likely not be satisfied with this product. It gives an overview of the two cuisines the recipes combine but it offers little in the way of solid scientific evidence or firm dietary guidelines. Many of the recipes are interesting, and as a cookbook, it may compliment other, more specific, diets. There are no specific exercise guidelines provided and the program does nothing to suppress hunger or increase energy. Unfortunately, as a standalone diet program it is week in too many areas to be recommended.

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