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Medshape Weight Loss Clinic, LLC is an Arizona based weight loss facility that employees trained Nutrition consultants and medical staff. Dr. George Stavros, MD is the Medical Director and Dr. James Sheehan, NMD is the Staff Physician of the clinic. Medshape Weight Loss Clinic holds the honor of being the first in the state of Arizona to incorporate lifestyle and diet changes with HCG therapy. HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin and is a hormone used to treat women with fertility problems and is produced naturally in a pregnant woman’s body. There is some debate as to whether or not HCG is able to help with weight loss. Even though this debate exists, Medshape Weight Loss Clinics claim to have a large success rate using HCG as a part of their weight loss plans. The reason for their success lies in the use of the M.E.L.T. (Metabolically Enhanced Lipolytic Therapy) approach to dieting. This is a unique program and is exclusive to Medshape Weight Loss Clinic. The website claims a rate of weight loss that is three times that of the weight lost by diet and exercise alone.


Medshape Weight Loss Clinic offers a variety of products but no ingredient lists can be found on their website.

Product Features

Medshape Weight Loss Clinic offers a diet program that claims to help you lose up to 30 pounds in 30 days. The program requires that you follow a low calorie diet plan and also take low doses of HCG, a hormone that is used to help you lose weight. Medshape Weight Loss Clinics are located in Arizona and in order to participate in this plan you must live close enough to travel to one of the clinics regularly. The initial consultation is free. There is no cost listed for the services you will receive following the initial consultation. The following services are offered as part of the diet program: medical assessments, full nutrition program, body composition testing, lab testing, weekly private support meetings, weekly weigh in meetings, nutrition counseling and fat burning injections.

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  • The program offered by Medshape Weight Loss Clinic is medically supervised and therefore should be safe.


  • You must live near one of the clinics located in Arizona to participate in the Medshape Weight Loss Clinic program.
  • HCG, the main component of this program, has not been proven effective for weight loss.
  • The rapid rate at which you lose weigh on the Medshape Weight Loss program may prove ineffective in the long term.


Medshape Weight Loss Clinic claims to offer a way to help you lose weight at a fast rate and even states on the website you can lose up to 30 pounds in 30 days. While this may sound appealing, you must realize that these results may not be the same for every individual. The location of the clinics limit the people that may participate in the diet program offered. If you do not live near a Medshape Weight Loss Clinic or have doubts about the program another alternative such as taking a diet or weight loss supplement at home may be better for you.

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  • 1

    I purchased the 4 week, 29.00 Groupon deal . My fourth week has just ended and I’ve lost 11 lbs. Everyone in the office is very helpful and supportive. They make me aware of the various programs but NEVER push an of the products on me. I’m going to stay with them as I have another 40 or so lbs to lose.


  • 2

    All Medshape cares about is selling their highpriced boxed food, and upselling everything in their office. In my 6 week program I never saw a doctor once, and the diet I was on of high protien and no carbs, is why I lost weight, and I could follow that diet bymyself and saved the money. Over all, total gimmic. I am leary of getting shots there too, since the MA’s seem so uneducated.


  • 3
    Rita Eve

    My first day will be Wednesday April 1st. I know it’s April fool day, but I will let your know how much weight I loss and how much I weigh before I started. I’m really not sure about medshape as I don’t know anyone that being through the process before. Good luck to me.


  • 4

    Just a comment…they have other programs that do not include HCG. After much research I refuse to do that one. I just started with the B vitamin injection and 4 week fast track… if I lose this last 15-20 I will consider it a success. For me, the diet is a no brainer – I already knew what to do/eat and I already exercise. I think having to go in there and get weighed every week will be my motivator.


  • 5

    What is the price of the injection
    Thank yo


  • 6

    I am on the Medshape Weight Loss program using the daily injections. I have been on it for 5 weeks now and lost 26 pounds. I have 10 more to go! I, like most people, have been dieting for over 10 years. This is so far the only program that has actually worked for me. Nina is great. I see her for most my weigh in appointments. She is full oh tips to keep me on track. The most surprising things I have found is I have tons of energy, actually do not crave junk like I did and how easy it is to stick to. The other cool thing is they measure your body fat and lean mass on a scan. I gained 2.2 pounds of muscle and lost just about three sizes so far. Don’t watch the scale, watch the body fat go! I am happy. Great clinic



    What is the cost for daily injections?Does it stop cravings of sweets?


  • 7

    I have not used the HCG but I get the B-vitiam shots weekly and strick diet not calorie restrictions but food is limited to no carbs or sugars. I am down 30.5 pounds in just under 4 months could have been more if I exercised and maintained diet as suggested but i am very happy with the results so far. You eat regular food and really adapt to the diet to where it would be easy to maintain after finishing the program.


  • 8

    How much is the average cost of this? I want to loose 60 pounds as quick as possible..



    I just started medshape this very day as I’m typing. Go to groupon site and you can get 4 weeks for only 29 dollars. You go once a week but it’s only in minnesota location. I heard it’s a good program. It’s originally 300.00 and products not too spendy. Meal replacing shakes $49 bars $15 I think 7 in a box. They h Abe o oatmeal $15 Email me in 3 weeks I let you know what I lost. I’m looking to lose 60lbs as well.



    So tell me, how did this program go for you????


  • 9

    I went to the Thunderbird location and could not be happier with the results I got from following Medshape’s plan. I have tried every diet under the sun and Medshape is the only one that has worked for me. Not only did I reach my goal weight, I have kept the weight off too! I love that I can eat real food and even go out to eat! The staff is very knowledgeable and really cares about teaching you how to be healthier. I recommend Medshape to all my family and friends!


  • 10

    I have had great success with Medshape. 40lbs in 7 weeks, half way to my goal. Easy diet to follow, absolutely no side affects, am feeling great!



    It is March 2013 now. Can you tell us if you have continued to lose weight?


  • 11
    Alyssa Leveille

    This program is awesome. I lost 20 pounds in 4 weeks. It is really easy and I feel great. the injections are easy, and I have not experienced any side effects, with the exception of improved skin! I have a ways to go and will stick with this plan!



    what is the diet like?


    Alyssa Leveille

    I am now down 50 lbs using Medshape. The Diet is ok – let’s be honest, no diet is easy….but it is basically really low carbs, sugar, etc. there is a program to follow i.e. protiens and veggies in am – fruit snack – protien and veggies lunch, etc. and the key ingredient is HCG. You take an hcg injection daily…it’s not bad, you just do it. unlike other hcg diets, you can eat more than 500 calories per day – you are NOT starving yourself. I love this diet. I have 20 more pounds to go and will stick with this. it’s awesome.


  • 12

    i lost minimal weight. lost hair,feet and hands peeled skin. never got same answer twice from diff nurses. called in sick one week and never heard from anyone again. a total waste of$500. whats in the shots? who knows. for $30. an injection it would be nice to know.



    I disagree, and never felt better! I have tried several programs over the years and have failed every time. Medshape help me learn a new lifestyle and taught me so much more about health. You must eat to lose and be accountable. My hair and nails grew, and I was even able to lower all my medications. Thanks to Medshape staff in Peoria.



    They use expired hcg medication, I looked at my vial and noticed there was another label underneath, I was able to peel it back and realized it was 1 month past the expiration date and they were still selling it. I called the pharmacy and they told me that the date on the vial indicated it meant best used by this date?



    So I was just told by someone that these results weren’t going to last because you don’t naturally produce these hormones or the b6 b12… has it lasted for you?


    Your Name

    I am on my fourth time using it. I had great results but was never able to keep it off, once injections were over. So every spring I’m back. However this time I am very Leary!!! I don’t know if there has been a change or if it is just my clinic but I I’m having problems with the shots. Never before in the last 3 times since I’ve been there did the hurt or burn while infecting. Almost like it’s rubbing alcohol in it instead of the real meds. And before they gave vials t bring home, so I could see what I was getting, now they are profiling the needle there and sending it home. I prefer to do it myself so I know for sure it was drawn safely and what I am really getting. Also. Got the melt for at home injections, I paid for 4 but nay received 3 and the refilled shots were suppose to be 25 units and all only had 20 in them. Plus the melt before was thicker and now it is runnier. When asked what was going on the reply. Got was, North Korea is gong to nuke us and that is where they get the product from! For the first tme i feel. Am getting ripped off and played. Something just doesn’t feel right… gut feeling is telling me to stop the program. Anyone else having these problems?


    Cameron (Editor)

    Do you know if any formulas have changed since last you took them. If you feel uncomfortable with a company you shouldn’t feel like you have to stay with them. Has anyone else had issues with this?


    Your Name

    They also changed the ingredients in the shakes. At first, they weren’t bad tasting snd easily dissolved. Now, they have a bad after taste and lumpy. I have serious medical issues and tried the diet twice over three years. When I was barely losing weight (2 lbs in 40 days) the nurse was angry and raising her voice while accusing me of LYING on my diet log! I was so upset I left.


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