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MedsXtra is a company that sells RezXtra. RezXtra is a Resveratrol supplement that claims to reduce the signs of aging and keep users looking younger with each passing year. There is mention of several celebrities that utilize the power of Resveratrol to look better with age, but these celebrities do not support the use of RezXtra nor do many consumers. The consumer complaints across the web commonly report fraudulent charges from MedsXtra for the RezXtra product.

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Resveratrol is the primary ingredient in RezXtra by MedsXtra, but there are no other ingredients listed. When a consumer looks for a weight loss product, they are looking for something they can trust. A lack of ingredients does not leave the consumer with much trust.

There has been some support in the media for Resveratrol and red wine. The anti-aging benefits are still being researched, but there does not seem to be any negative side effects associated with taking Resveratrol; a positive note. However, we are left again with the lack of ingredients. There could be ingredients included in the formula that are not as safe as Resveratrol. There is also very little support for Resveratrol and weight loss.

Moving past the ingredients, consumer complaints boards list many complaints against MedsXtra. The claims state that MedsXtra charges credit cards for more than $85 just a week or two after the trial of RezXtra is ordered. The initial charge of $1.99 is posted to the given card for shipping and handling on the free trial. Then, an additional charge for around $87 comes through with a foreign transaction fee. More than one instance reporting the same charges has been filed on multiple consumer websites.

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  • Resveratrol may help to reduce or reverse the signs of aging.


  • The free trial may be linked to additional charges.
  • Consumers report being charged more than $87 for the trial bottle within a week or two of ordering.
  • Resveratrol is not a weight loss supplement though it is sold on the website as such.
  • No ingredients are listed on the official website.


We support using websites from trustworthy companies that list ingredients and provide good customer service. MedsXtra is behind the RezXtra website with several consumer complaints online. There is no reason for a consumer to trust a company that will charge a credit card for product that were never ordered. Dieters need to find a diet supplement company that offers trusted ingredients and backs up claims with testimonials and good customer service. MedsXtra is not a company that seems to fall into this category. Consumers should be wary of ordering products from the RezXtra website or any other website linked to MedsXtra.

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