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Mega Diet is a weight loss supplement from Clark Enterprises, although the company website does not appear to provide this particular product for sale at this time. We were also unable to find Mega Diet on any other retail website, making us wonder if this product has been removed from the market. However, we will take a closer look at the information provided about Mega Diet on the company website to see if there might be a reason why this product is no longer offered.

Mega Diet claims to assist individuals with losing weight and body fat 200 times faster than diet or exercise alone. While the website does provide a list of the key ingredients in Mega Diet, it doesn’t appear to provide a complete ingredient list. There are also a number of weight loss tips listed on the product page, although most seemed to deal with overcoming the mental challenges of losing weight instead of the physical ones.

List of Ingredients

According to the company website, the key ingredients in Mega Diet include 7-Keto, cerecal, synephrine, garcinia cambogia, green tea leaf extract, ginseng and royal jelly. Green tea is a common ingredient in weight loss supplements, due to its ability to rev up the metabolism and help dieters make the most of their workout time. Synephrine, also known as citrus aurantium, is also used in weight loss products because of its thermogenic abilities. However, the other ingredients in this formula appear to be sketchy at best in terms of effectiveness in weight loss.

The ingredient 7-Keto is said to be the main ingredient of this formula, because of its supposed thermogenic properties. However, studies done on 7-Keto for weight loss have been inconclusive at best. Cerecal is touted as a starch blocker, but there is little information about this ingredient in weight loss products. In fact, Mega Diet is the only supplement we have found that includes this ingredient. Garcinia is another popular ingredient in weight loss supplements because it is thought to prevent calories from converting to fat. However, the jury is still out on this ingredient as well. Royal jelly has been shown to lower cholesterol in some people, but others have also experienced a severe reaction to the substance.

Product Features

A 30-day supply of Mega Diet did cost $96.50 the last time it was available for purchase. Perhaps this exorbitantly high price tag is one of the reasons the product no longer appears to be available.

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  • The product contains green tea and citrus aurantium.


  • The product does not appear to be available through the company any longer.
  • Most of the ingredients listed are not proven weight loss substances.
  • Mega Diet is extremely expensive.


Since Mega Diet appears to be no longer available, our recommendation may be moot. However, we do not see much in this formula that will offer much weight loss assistance. We recommend consumers look elsewhere, to proven ingredients and formulas, for their diet needs.

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  • 1

    Would this tea effect my wife’s breaset milk?


  • 2
    Vickie Bennett

    I tried the Mega-T dietary supplement caplets and liked them very much. I found them at the 99cent store and they don’t have them any more. Can you PLEASE tell me where I can find this in L.A. Calif.



    Dollar general.



    I’ve been taking it for 3 days and I like it.No side effects yet.knock on wood.


  • 3

    I had liver treatment over 2 years ago. Would taking the mega green tea diet pills cause my stomach to bloat?


  • 4

    I found Mega-T at Walmart for $4.oo.


  • 5

    can i take fat burner n extract with the mega t?



    Tell us your thoughts about Mega Diet. I just found this at the 99cent store,mega T is a fat burner with the green tea,,with probiotics/calcium, I trying to see if it worked for anyone,,,,this is a good price,,,,I was getting quick slim pills from Walmart and they do work but got costly every 30 days $22.00


  • 6

    Can a diabetic take Mega?


  • 7
    Samantha Johnson

    Found this, mega-T at Sam’s Club for $20 Jan 19, 2010


  • 8
    Beth Hipke

    Is there any problem with taking this with antidepressants? Warnings said not to use if on a prescription.


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