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The South African cactus started a weight loss craze like none before it. Hoodia Gordonii is extracted from a South African cactus and marketing tactics connected the extract to appetite suppression during times when food was scarce or hunters were unable to return home for food. Hoodia hit the market by storm and products like Mega Hoodia flooded shelves all over the United States. Soon, science stepped in and announced that dieters who took Hoodia did not feel the appetite suppressing effects and thus, did not lose more weight. That was the proverbial end of support for Hoodia and supplements like Mega Hoodia.

List of Ingredients

Hoodia Gordonii (500 mg).

Product Features

Before we get into the analysis of Hoodia, we want to note a discrepancy in Mega Hoodia. Now, the supplement manufacturer has listed the total mg for the supplement at 250, but there are 500 mg of Hoodia in each serving. We are a bit confused by the difference, but we will assume each capsule contains 250 mg of Hoodia and two capsules make up one serving.

Hoodia is marketed as an appetite suppressant, but clinical data has proven the opposite to be true. The trouble with many Hoodia supplements is the fact that they contain no Hoodia. The cactus only grows in arid conditions in the Kalahari desert. The cactus is so scarce that few manufacturers can afford to import the real Hoodia and thus it is not in many of the supplements that claim to have the ingredient. The FDA has also warned that safety and effectiveness has not been tested in humans.

Now claims to have a CITES certificate for the Hoodia they imported for their Mega Hoodia supplement. A CITES certificate is needed from the South African government before Hoodia can be distributed out of the country. There is no link to the CITES certificate on the NOW website. Now Mega Hoodia sells for $12 to $24 through third party retailers.

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  • None.


  • Hoodia is not a proven appetite suppressant.
  • NOW does not provide proof they have a CITES certificate.
  • Most Hoodia products contain no Hoodia.


If Hoodia suppressed appetite the way many manufacturers claim, there would be no world obesity epidemic. According to research funded by one Hoodia manufacturer, participants consumed 1,000 less calories per day. That is an astronomical amount and would lead to weight loss of 2 pounds per week, which is healthy. The review has not been published in any journal that we could find.

Proven weight loss supplements do not contain Hoodia. With the negative press around supplements containing Hoodia, Now Mega Hoodia falls between the cracks. Green tea and chromium are two proven ingredients dieters should look for on the label instead of Hoodia.

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