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What You Should Know

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You will find a lot of Asian diet pills floating around the internet nowadays. While most of these weight loss supplements are claimed to assist with serious fat loss, you need to make sure you know what you are buying. In other words, the ingredients used in these products, as well as the safety information that applies. It is imperative to avoid dangerous diet pills, as well as weight loss products that have been banned by the FDA. This brings us to Meitizang Diet Pills, which are available through some online distributors for around $15. This Chinese supplement is supposed to promote real weight loss.


  • Lotus Leaf
  • Bamboo Shoots
  • Artemisia Dracunculus
  • Jobstears

Product Features

Meitizang Diet Pills are intended to speed up your metabolism, help your body consume fat as energy, prevent fat absorption, and accelerate the breakup of fat. So, clearly this weight loss pill aims to address body fat. Like other weight loss formulas, Meitizang Diet Pills should not be taken by those under the age of 18, and this supplement is not okay for consumption with alcohol.

Four ingredients are mentioned for Meitizang Diet Pills. These are Bamboo Shoots, Lotus Leaf, Jobstears, and Artemisia Dracunculus. Bamboo Shoots are rich in fiber to assist with regularity, as well as lower cholesterol levels. Jobstears help regulate blood pressure, while encouraging overall health. As for Artemisia Dracunculus, this ingredient helps with pain relief. Lotus Leaf is used in this product to increase the metabolism of fat, break down fat in the body, and prevent fat storage. You will find some user reviews and testimonials online that support Meitizang Diet Pills.

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  • Natural ingredients are used in Meitizang Diet Pills.
  • There are some user testimonials found online for this weight loss formula.


  • There is no healthy diet recommended with this supplement.
  • Meitizang Diet Pills are made in China, which may concern some dieters.
  • No appetite suppressants are used in this weight loss formula.
  • This product is not regulated by the FDA.
  • Only one of the ingredients found in this product is for weight loss.


With so many weight loss products to consider, things can get a little confusing. Just when you think you have found a promising supplement, a better one pops up. As for Meitizang Diet Pills, this product does not appear to be the best choice for safe and healthy weight loss. After all, it is made in China, and this raises the concern of manufacturing quality and safety. Furthermore, only one of the ingredients found in this product is actually for weight loss. You should also consider that this formula is not regulated by the FDA at all.

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