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Melatonin is naturally occurring in the body of humans and animals. The compound is responsible for regulating circadian rhythm. Circadian rhythm is the cycle of waking and sleeping hours. Melatonin is also a strong anti-oxidant, which could account for its use in some weight loss supplements. Typically, a weight loss supplement will include melatonin in a “PM” version of the supplement. Some people also use melatonin as a sleep aid to treat insomnia. There is some evidence melatonin works to help people fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

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Melatonin is linked to treatment of several diseases in addition to helping people self treat sleeping problems. There is a brief connection between melatonin and weight loss. According to scientific studies, melatonin is responsible on some level, for body weight regulation. When combined with calcium, the weight control effect is even stronger.

Aside from this small link to weight loss, there is very little reason for a dieter to take melatonin. If sleep issues are a problem, exercise and maintaining a weight loss diet could be more difficult. Melatonin should only be taken later in the evening as the sun sets. Normal levels in the body do not rise until dusk as part of the circadian rhythm. Taking melatonin at any other time could throw off the rhythm and make sleep even more difficult. Melatonin levels peak in the middle of the night and gently diminish until morning. During daylight hours, no melatonin is released.

Melatonin comes in several doses including 1mg, 3mg, 5mg, and 10mg. Sublingual drops and multi-ingredient supplements can also be purchased with melatonin. If a patient has cancer, immune system disorders, disease of the liver or seizure disorder they should contact a physician before taking melatonin. There is also a long list of medications that should not be taken with melatonin. These include hormone, blood pressure, anxiety, depression, seizure, tamoxifen, and cancer medications. Taking herbal supplements with melatonin can also be dangerous.

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  • Melatonin may help increase weight loss.
  • Taking calcium is proven to nearly double weight loss.
  • Melatonin is inexpensive.


  • Melatonin may affect sleep patterns.
  • Long list of medications that cannot be taken with melatonin.
  • Long list of health problems that may be affected by melatonin.
  • Cannot be taken with other herbal supplements.


Melatonin has a small part in many natural body processes include body weight regulation. Most people know the name melatonin as a sleeping supplement taken before bed to help fight insomnia and other sleep problems. Rarely do dieters take melatonin for weight loss, but if they desire to do so they should stop taking other proven weight loss supplements and take melatonin instead.

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25 User Reviews about Melatonin

  • 1

    ive been on it for a month,1/day,after 2more weeks, suppose to cut back to 3/week,also take lamactil,prozac,n occasionally valium,diagnosed minor bipolar,im trying to get sleep pattern right, n dr suggested this, n does seem to help alot,but.ive had diahrea since then,goin for a blood test monday, was wondering if this is a side affect, n if so, should i continue use,thanks


  • 2

    I got melatonin yesterday and I used it last night, However, my throat is now sore. Could this be a result of the melatonin? I also have many sick people around me. I don’t know.


  • 3

    My question is “when a statement say do not take “with” other vitamins, supplements, medications, etc., does that mean at the same time, or do not take it at all with the other items mentioned above.”


  • 4
    Aida Shepard

    does melatonin have any side effect on a child?eg,agressiveness,mood swing,cranky,etc etc,


  • 5
    Anthony zotto

    Can melatonin be taken during day time hours?


  • 6

    Is Melatonin safe for elderly people in their late 90′s. If so,what dose is recommended?


  • 7
    teresa poland

    can a seven year old take this drug


  • 8

    I’ve been taking Melatonin since 2008. Before I began taking it, it would take me between 2 and 4 hours, easily to fall asleep at night. Then, after I would go to sleep, I’d awaken two to three times a night, sometimes more. Now, when I’m asleep, I’m asleep. Even if I wake up a couple times during the night, I still get better quality of sleep. I can’t take over-the-counter drugs such as Advil PM, unless I want to feel like a total air-head the next day.


  • 9

    Is it compatible with coumadin and pulmonary emboli (little blood clots in the blood vessels all over my body) or heart failure? They gave me Ambien, but I sleep about 3/4 of the day. I need something gentler.


  • 10

    My boyfriend took Melatonin and woke up with bumps all over his body. Is this an allergic reaction? Please let me know. Thank you


  • 11
    Sandra Denton

    I have been taking melatonin for 6 years (3mg your brand). I also am on bio-identical hormones. I did fine for years and then my hormone levels had to be replaced. They lowered the dosage significantly and over a year I loss 15 pounds, which was a problem because I only weighed 97 to begin with.
    I thought it was because of tthe lower estrogen dose but nnow I am beginning to think iit might be the melatonin. Why would it take so long to effect me in this way. I love my melatonin – it helps me sleep – otherwise I am up most of the night. Please advise. My doctor doesn’t have a clue about melatonin.


  • 12
    Jeanna Scarborough

    What does melatonin do to blood vessels?


  • 13
    Esther Rogers

    Why is it not safe to take melatonin with blood pressure medications?


  • 14



    Ethel Hagburg

    Why is it dangerous to take melatonin while on blood pressure medication?


  • 15
    Howard Phelps

    Is it addictive?



    No. I know I am late in answering this, but whatever. It is natural & non addictive.


  • 16

    a 94 year old healthy man has been taking melatonin for years he is now taking 4 1/2 mg and asks if he can go higher than 5mg, probably like 1mg per year


  • 17

    I started taking 6 mg a few weeks ago…and have notice accelerated weight loss and ease not overeating while adding to diet for sleep. I also take vitamin d. Both are HORMONES. Both have links to insulin, leptin, etc. there is something here folks, try it for pennies


    pam RN

    vitiamin D is NOT a Hormone! It,s a vitamin only hance the name Vitiamin D.



    would not want u as my nurse .Vitamin d is a hormone.Read up on it before talk anymore.


    Denice M.

    Please research Vitamin D again. Hormnes are NOT vitamins. They’re function in the human body is different from vitamins.


    I worked in the health care field for many years. Vitamin D is NOT A HORMONE. Please, be respectful when adressing other people.

  • 18
    Maria Mercer

    I used Melatonin ,but I starting feeling my body itching and I stopped taking it ,my friend use Melatonin and is okay with her possible that i am allergic to it? when I stopped taking it my itching dissapear.


  • 19
    j may

    Does it work like Ambien?