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The Melt It Off! diet plan was created by Mitch Gaylord, an Olympic Gold Medalist in men’s gymnastics. The Melt It Off! plan, while formulated with Mitch Gaylord as the spokesperson, the company and the company website is held by Savvier, LP out of Carlsbad, California. Savvier, LP also produces the famous workout video, 6 second Abs.


The Melt It Off! weight loss program includes the G-Ball, meal plans, recipes, a rotating calender, Melt It Off! program guide, the 3 Day Melt It Off! Kick Start program, Cardio Burn workout, Sculpt workout, Sizzlin’ Abs workout, the High Calorie Melt workout, Melt in 10 Workout, Motivational CD, 30 day supply of the Melt It Off! branded fat burner.

This product is a free gift. When ordering the plan, the user is placed on a recurring order cycle for the fat burner.

Product Features

The Melt It Off! program aims to melt fat off the body with a carefully planned diet and workout program. The G-Ball, the center of the program, helps the user to burn an extra ordinary amount of calories; 1000 in total per workout. The program offers a 30 day money back guarantee if the user does not see the benefits they desire, the program can be sent back for a complete refund of the purchase price.

Even though the site claims to support a 30 day trial, the return policy offers return at the cost of the buyer within 30 days of purchase. After the product is received, the user will have less than 2 weeks to return the product, but they are encourage to use the fat burner for the duration of the 30 day supply before deciding. This means the user will never be able to truly evaluate the program for 30 days.

The total base plan costs approximately $55.00 with a $40.00 additional cost for the fat burner every 2 months plus shipping. Any additional plan DVDs will need to be ordered separately for an additional $20.00 cost per program.

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  • The Melt It Off! program aims to combine a healthy diet with exercise.
  • The program provides a journal for keeping track of foods eaten, exercise completed and weight lost.


  • The program offers nothing new to the dieting consumer.
  • Program is expensive.
  • Additional DVDs are priced at $20.00 each.
  • Faulty return policy.


The Melt It Off! program is just another celebrity endorsed weight loss and exercise plan that falls far short. The return policy is a joke and the user will never be able to truly evaluate the product before the chance to return expires. The user is also responsible for the cost of the return plus insurance on the return which will not be reimbursed. This plan is just another fad diet.

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18 User Reviews about Melt It Off

  • 1
    Sandra Mitchell

    I just want to ask you if this is safe to take? Also, where else can I buy this because I can’t afford to spend over $10.00 or $15.00 the most? Also, where can I get the G ball from for a lot less then what you said $9.99? Also, where can I get the Avesil from for a lot less? As I said before I can’t afford to spend a lot but I really need to lose some more weight. Please help me. Thank you, Sandra


  • 2

    I want to buy CoQ-10 melts.
    please respond, asap. Thanks


  • 3

    I wish I would have read the comments before I ordered. I was told that the invoice stated that the vitamins would be on auto delivery. I didn’t receive an invoice, just a packing slip. Now I am trying to get them to refund my credit card. They said when I send back the vitamins, they would refund. I haven’t received any vitamins, however, so I have nothing to send back. I agree that Mitch should be ashamed to put his name with this company. Not sure how this will turn out, but I intend to keep fighting it. What a rip off!!


  • 4
    holly smith

    Do Not Do It. They do not tell you they automatically emroll you in some kind of vitamins program. Then they dont want to cancel the order. what a rip off.



    they dont tell u about the hidden charges i found out by checking on my order and was able to prevent the charges the exercises really work


  • 5

    How effective is this?


  • 6

    This company charges you with continual charges to your credit card,even after speaking with customer service.DONT ORDER FROM THEM its so not worth it.
    Mitch should be ashamed to have his name in this kind of marketing scan.


  • 7

    Total scam filled with hidden charges. The customer service is dispicable. I’m out $100 and dealt with the most unpleasant CSR on the planet. I’ve never been screamed at my a customer service rep before. I’m appalled that an American Gold Medalist would use such marketing tactics.


  • 8

    Thanks for all your comments. I had a bad deal a few years back with another product. My suggestion for all who want to try a infomercial product is to check They have pretty honest reviews and you can get the product without the hype. I priced the 3 day melt program for $60.55. This included 3-5 day shipping, the complete system,and (4 and 6 lbs) balls. But you can order the regular system for 24.95 plus 5.98(s&p) I have ordered from Amazon on plenty occasions and never had a problem.Hope this helps.


  • 9

    Buyer beware-a good program that will rip you off with poorly communicated consumer monthly costs. A poor judgement of integrity by Mitch….as he goes to the bank.


  • 10

    Company is a rip off!! They automatically sign you up to receive their vitamins every 30 days $27 a month for vitamins!! They don’t tell you that you are automatically signed up for this program. I called to stop the vitamins and was put on hold for 15 min because no one wanted to deal with me. Needless to say their customer service is bad. They will not refund me until they get the vitamins back and won’t pay the $7.10 I had to pay to ship the vitamins I did not order back to them. DO NOT buy anything from this company!



    I would have to agree that this company does take advantage of those individual whom sign up via their website-not enough up-front communication for consumer costs is being open for the public to view and review as they purchase this product. Another reason why good business that do exist, get a bad rap from bad businesses such as 3Daymelt—it is a shame, because it does not have to be. Again-greed takes us apart.



    they are awful. can’t get ahold of them either and won’t cancel my supplements


  • 11
    G Wood

    Even though I canceled the enrollment to the website and the Boost product, my account was still charged over $50 for these two items. I called for a refund and was told it would take 7-30days. Don’t work with these people.


  • 12

    Don’t do it. It is a rip off. Customer Service person could not explain the charges. I told the long winded person who called I didn’t want anything other than what I got and it was sent anyway. I am waiting for a supplement shipment to return for a little refund but not at all what I signed up for! TOTAL RIP OFF regardless of if it works or not!


  • 13

    I got the Melt It off in 2008, the same thing happened to me, I stayed on the phone listening until I got a confirmation,then my credit card was charded twice. I did received the products and I used them, DVD + ball. It work! but I do not recommend buy it, they rip you off!


    Carol Jennings

    I’m glad to hear that you got the product!
    Are you still using it?
    I too got the prerecorded message but am interested in loosing the 1,000 calories per workout.
    I live near San Francisco, California. What state are you in? Call me if you can so that I can be motivated by your success.
    Thank you.
    Carol Jennings
    (925) 586-0555 is my cell number… call me anytime!!


  • 14

    Don’t do it, I did, I still have no product. I was very surprised to be ripped off for $49. I responded to an awesome informercial and had to sit through about twenty minutes of additional recordings offering additional promos for a free 30 day trial period blah.blah.blah. The only reason I did stay on the phone and listen was because there was no confirmation or an amount told to me that would be charged to my credit card after I foolishly entered my information. I asdded up the charges for the ball and the dvd’s they were promoting,took a leap of faith and thought to myself, it’s ok, they will not rip you off, they want repeat business. By the way, not at anytime was I given the choice to speak to a live representative. One week later.. bam my account was charged $49.51, I recieved a phone call one week after I canceled the tranaction from someone who hung up on me after I told them I had the charges reversed because of what occured. My credit card company asked me for written proof of charges, confirmation number and my dispute letter. I was never given any information as to how to retriev that information from the recording. I still have not received products or anything from this company.. but paid for it anyway. Lesson learned I will never purchase from a TV infomercial again, it’s not so much the money as it is the principal of the matter.