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Melting Point is a fat burner from Designer Supplements that contains no stimulant. In place of the stimulant is a fatty acid complex known as LipidAce. According to the supplement description, dieters can throw away all other fat burners because this one is the last fat burner they will ever need. Interestingly, Melting Point is no longer available from Designer Supplements as the company chose to discontinue production. We guess this was not the end-all fat burner after all.

List of Ingredients


  • LipidAce

Product Features

Dieters will immediately notice that Melting Point contains just one ingredient. That ingredient, known as LipidAce, is a combination of modified fatty acids. These fatty acids are supposed to increase the rate at which your body naturally burns fat. Burn more fat and you lose weight, but the claims of this product being the last fat burner a dieter will ever need were far greater than the product could live up to.

Fatty acids like conjugated linoleic acid, are proven to boost fat burner and protect lean muscle mass. This is the same claim made by Melting Point, but there is a problem with the research as it pertains to the average dieter. Supplements like conjugated linoleic acid are only tested on athletes. When the fatty acids are taken by dieters who are not athletic, the end result is not the same. Essentially, the dieter does not lose weight.

Designer Supplements sold Melting Point as a standalone product, but the company also claimed the results were best when the supplement was taken in conjunction with Lean Xtreme. Lean Xtreme is a stimulant fat burner.

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  • Ingredients are listed online.
  • A complete product description and FAQs section is available to answer dieter questions.
  • The product can be taken with a stimulant fat burner.
  • There are some clinical studies supporting the role of fatty acids in fat burning.


  • The company discontinued the production of Melting Point.
  • Dieters will not lose weight taking this product without changing diet or exercise habits.
  • Fatty acids are not proven to boost weight loss in the average dieter.


There are plenty of fatty acid supplements still on the market today. While there is some clinical support for fatty acids and their role in weight loss, the proof is not based on the average dieting community so dieters expect to see extraordinary weight loss and they don’t. Designer Supplements pulled Melting Point from the market, likely because it did not live up to claims.

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