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There is no official website for Meltrx 24 Ultra. However, those marketing and selling this weight loss product tell us that it will produce reliable weight loss results, as well as increasing your energy levels and procuring a blissfully contented mood. We are told that it contains forty hand picked ingredients, all of which stimulate the breakdown of fat. We are not, however, given any precise and exact details on these ingredients.


Those marketing and selling Meltrx Ultra tell us that it contains “forty hand picked ingredients.”

Product Features

Those selling Meltrx 24 Ultra online tell us that this product is ‘pure magic in a bottle.’ They claim that it is 100% natural, and that it is free of caffeine and ephedrine. It is sold online for the price of $54 for a pack of 100 capsules. If you purchase three packs of Meltrx 24 Ultra at the same time, you can take advantage of a bulk-order offer of $39.95 per pack. Those selling Meltrx Ultra 24 tell us that you should take one capsule twice daily, 45 minutes before a meal. We are also told that there is an unprecedented 110% money back guarantee from the product’s manufacturers. According to those selling Meltrx 24 Ultra, this means that if you are not satisfied with this weight loss product, not only will you receive your money back upon returning the product, but also a further ten percent of the price of the Meltrx 24 Ultra that you ordered. The major draw back of this product is that it does not appear possible to access a comprehensive full ingredients list. In the absence of an ingredients list it is almost impossible to assess or review this product in any kind of reliable manner.

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  • Meltrx 24Ultra can be ordered online.
  • We are told by those selling Meltrx 24 Ultra that it does not contain caffeine or ephedrine.
  • Those selling this product claim that there is a 110% money back guarantee.


  • There does not seem to be a comprehensive list of ingredients available for Meltrx 24 Ultra.
  • There is no official website for Meltrx 24 Ultra.
  • We are not told what distinguishes Meltrx 24 Ultra from other caffeine and ephedrine free weight loss products on the market.
  • There is no customer service contact details for those who manufacturer this product.


The information that we are given on the ingredients in this product is very sparse. We are simply told that Meltrx 24 Ultra is comprised of forty hand picked ingredients, and that it is caffeine and ephedrine free. This is certainly not enough information to enable consumers to make an informed choice regarding Meltrx Ultra 24. In the absence of a comprehensive ingredients list, we generally tend to be weary of any product.

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