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The Menopause Diet is a book written by Larrian Gillespie. In this book, she provides women with information they need to change their lives and lessen the symptoms of menopause while staying in shape and increasing their sex drive.

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This book, which is available from many different merchants both online and off, for a very affordable price of around $15 or less. The Menopause Diet book is full of information on what happens to a woman’s body and mind during menopause and serves to help women understand how these changes will cause them to gain weight. In learning why you will gain weight (eating too many calories, not exercising enough, and increased physical and mental stress) you will better understand how to prevent it and stay healthy during the change. This book will give you diet and meal plans that will help you lose weight and increase your energy and sex drive while going through menopause.

The book goes into great detail behind some of the things that affect a woman’s body during menopause, such as the thyroid, caffeine, protein, and alcohol. . The diet itself is 40% protein, 25% fat and 35% low glycemic carbs and includes eating 5 small meals a day, exercising, eating soy each day and avoiding alcohol, among other basic principles. It is very simple, easy to follow, and easy to understand. The meal plans and recipes are easy enough that even people who are afraid to go into the kitchen and attempt cooking are safe.

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  • Provides a detailed and easy to follow diet for those who are dealing with menopause.
  • Provides detailed information on what happens to a woman physically and mentally during menopause.


  • Some of the information can get a bit technical and may be hard for some women to understand.


The Menopause Diet book has its own website which is professionally presented and full of information to help women decide whether or not to purchase the book. The author of the book is also a trusted Guide to Low Carbohydrate Diets, and is well known for her contributions there. This diet is something women who are going through menopause should consider, and if not, they should take the information they read from the book and keep it in mind even in not following the diet. There are so many hormonal changes during menopause that most women do not know how to handle them, and this book would be a valuable tool.

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