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Meridia is a dietary medication that aims to assist some individuals with weight loss. This diet drug is better known amongst medical professionals as sibutramine HCl monohydrate. It’s important to understand that Meridia is a diet capsule intended for specific users; preferably those who’re at least 30 pounds overweight. Naturally height can play a part when determining if Meridia may be right for you. Supposedly Meridia functions by providing a feeling of “fullness.” This is said to be accomplished by affecting the “appetite control center” of the brain. It’s important to understand that Meridia is intended to be incorporated into a healthy diet and regular exercise program. Therefore it will likely lose effectiveness if the user fails to adopt healthy eating habits and a regular fitness routine.

The makers of Meridia claim that you may be able to drop four or more pounds of weight within the first month of usage. Additionally they state that this will vary from person to person. Meridia is a diet medication that can only be acquired via prescription from a licensed physician. These 10mg capsules are generally prescribed to be taken once each day. It’s claimed that most individuals that experience weigh loss with Meridia, experience it within the first six months of treatment. If no weight loss occurs, users should consult their physician for advice. People that should not take Meridia are those under the age of 16, anyone with high blood pressure, individuals allergic to any components of Meridia, anyone taking other diet medications, women who are breastfeeding, those suffering from eating disorders and anyone who suffers with a kidney disease or has had a previous heart attack.

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Meridia is essentially a diet drug that endeavors to assist users with weight loss by affecting the “appetite control center” of the brain. Meridia aims to obstruct the brain chemicals, serotonin and norepinephrine. This in turn encourages a sense of fullness. The active component found in Meridia is sibutramine HCl monohydrate. Along with regular exercise and a healthy diet plan, Meridia aims to assist users with dropping excess body weight. Meridia can only be attained with a prescription and is intended for individuals who’re at least 30 pounds overweight.

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  • Meridia is FDA approved.
  • The official Meridia website offers in-depth details on the prescription medication.
  • Meridia is simple to take since it only involves one oral pill taken daily.


  • Meridia is a diet drug that’s restricted to individuals who are at least 30 pounds overweight.
  • Meridia is not suitable for anyone who has high blood pressure, is allergic to any components of Meridia, is taking other diet medications, is breastfeeding, suffers from eating disorders, is afflicted with a kidney disease or has had a previous heart attack.
  • Meridia is generally only effective if the user adopts a healthy diet plan and fitness regimen.
  • Meridia is only available if your doctor grants you a prescription.
  • Sibutramine, the active ingredient in Meridia, may not be suitable for some individuals.


In the end, Meridia is basically one of countless diet medications overwhelming the market these days. While it’s claimed to be effective for some users who’re 30 pounds overweight or more, it doesn’t appear to stand out when compared to the many other diet pills available. Since this product is only available to a fairly narrow group of people, it may be tough to distinguish if it’s truly a stellar medication that reduces excess body weight effectively.

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  • 1

    i was taking meridia but now its band in the us. i had no side effects and low blood pressure. where can i get it now?


  • 2

    I used Merida for 1 month and lost 15 pounds, it removed the “hunger” completely for me but was pulled from all pharmacies so I was not allowed to continue for the full 3 month prescription. It worked great


  • 3

    i used it along with diet and exercise and lost 40 lbs !


  • 4

    I experienced so many side effects: pounding heart, twitchy muscle to severe muscle cramps, tingling in hands and feet, change in urine output, insomnia, restlessness. My insurance did not cover the $110.00 cost.


  • 5

    this works wonders i lost 22lbs in 2mths the only side effect was the dry mouth



    Hi, I saw your posting in regards to Meridia working for you. I just started it and was wondering if you dieted and excercised as well.



    this stuff us gold! But yes you must diet – all I did was swap out my side dishes – for example steak tips & fries to steak tips & salad limit bread intake and eat lean proteins (meat w salad or veggie and change dessert and snacks to fruit & air popped pop corn etc – as far as exercise I didn’t – and I lost 30lbs two months but you will build a tolerance and take 1 15mg pill per day max no more – more of a pill to go on a few months then off then on so you don’t build up the tolerance I did


  • 6

    I have noticed a change in my appetite in the past week since taking Meridia. I eat small amounts and am satified. I do notice the dry mouth so I keep water with me. Lets see what happens in one month.


  • 7
    Mary C

    I have been on Meridia for one week and cannnot tell it has made a difference.
    I’ve read of others loosing weight, but not me.
    What else can I do besides watch what I eat and exercise?


    Your Name

    Drink tons of water – it will flush yor system and keep your body hydrated – 8 glasses a day


  • 8
    rhonda crawford

    I have been on Meridia for two months and have been happy with the results. I have lost 8 pounds and am very happy. My problem is I can’t afford the monthly $30 to fill my prescription. I hate to have to start on something else, as I have seen the results. Is there any way you can help me?



    8lbs in two months doesn’t seem like it’s working very well for you – I lost 30lbs in two months And for a weight loss pill $30 a month is dirt cheap! $1 a day since you only take 1 pill. I saved way more then $1 day on it cause of eating way way less plus I skipped that $3 cup of coffee from Starbucks on my way to work everyday & replaced it w $.25 water – I just think meridia works different based on how over weight someone is. I would think people w more weight to lose would lose it faster then someone w only 30lbs to drop which is dr min to get meridia & ive found that people that are morbidly obese, tend to get side effects. I laugh at the people that ask did u diet did u exercise? No pill is going to knock weight off if you sit around eating bags of twinkies.


  • 9

    what color does the pill come in



    i started the pill this very first day along with exercises, i have cold ears, i will not give uo tou, i have heard good things on this medication, even tough it is very expensive where i live.


  • 10

    i read about life threatening side effects but did not state what effects the meridia pills were or how in what ways can it be life threatening can they be?


  • 11

    Very nice site!


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