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Mesotherapy is a medical procedure started in France. Dr. Lionel Bissoon claims to have brought the procedure to the United States where it later became a popular choice in weight loss. Mesotherapy consists of injecting small bullets of vitamins, minerals or herbs into the mesoderm of the skin in order to facilitate weight loss or fat loss.

List of Ingredients

Vitamins, minerals or herbs injected into the skin.

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Mesotherapy is directly linked to cellulite injections marketed under different names in the United States. Providers claim that injections of certain fluids under the skin help to reduce the look of cellulite. Recently, caffeine injections have become popular in mesotherapy, as caffeine tends to pull water from the space between fat cells making the area appear thinner and smoother. These injections will only affect the look of cellulite and will not cause permanent weight loss.

One of the more common forms of mesotherapy is Lipodissolve. According to online literature, Lipodissolve breaks the bonds between fat cells allowing the fat to liquefy and absorb into the body. The result is a slimmer look under the skin. Unfortunately, everyone is born with a specific number of fat cells. These cells hold stores of fat for later use. Eating more food than the body needs results in storage of additional fat and increased weight. Eating less food forces the body to use up the stored fat and thus weight is lost.

There are no research studies confirming the loss of fat or reduction of fat stores as a result of mesotherapy. In some countries, like Brazil, mesotherapy is considered unsafe and illegal. Australia is currently investigating one salon for its use of various herbal therapies for mesotherapy.

The cost of mesotherapy injections will vary from provider to provider. Safety precautions need to be taken to assure no bacteria are passed from the needle to the patient. There has been at least one case of bacterial infection related to mesotherapy injections.

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  • Some slimming of the skin may result.


  • Mesotherapy is not proven to decrease the size or number of fat cells.
  • Weight loss as a result of mesotherapy will not be permanent.
  • As an alternative therapy, many providers use injections not approved by the FDA.
  • Bacterial infection may result from mesotherapy injections.


Injecting vitamins, herbs and other substances into the mesoderm is not a proven weight loss option. With the high cost of medical intervention and the need for multiple treatments before results can be seen, dieters are often left with a temporary reduction in the look of cellulite instead of true weight loss. There is no quick way to remove fat cells from the body or reduce the size of fat cells other than diet, exercise and a proven fat burner.

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    I was rushed to the ER twice due to mesotherapy treatments. My blood pressure plummeted and required 4 bags of IV fluid before I stabilized. There are serious adverse effects to mesotherapy. The public needs to know there ARE risks other than swelling and bruising.


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    Al - Sawafi, Rahima

    It is almost 2 weeks since i underwent mesotherapy injection on my face but still i have swelling can’t smile properly