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Met-Rx is a company and website that was initially founded in 1991 to provide nutrition for sports. This company has led the trend in meal replacement powders since they formed, and have been successful ever since.

Their products are now sold worldwide, and claim to provide the necessary nutrients for optimum levels of fitness. However the Met-Rx website provides much more than just sports nutrients, it also acts as a fitness resource for athletes, bodybuilders and college students who want to reach their full potential.

Met-Rx provides training videos as well as athlete profiles and details on upcoming events for anyone who visits the site. However, the main focus is still on the supplemental products that it sells and these include products for muscle mass and strength, those for muscle tone and energy, performance supplements, exercise recovery and repair as well as fitness accessories.


Each product from the Met-Rx range has different ingredients. There are nutritional facts and ingredients listed for most of their products in the online store.

Product Features

Many of the Met-Rx products are sold as a powder to mix into drinks, and most user reviews state that they are an extremely tasty brand of supplement. However, taste is not the most important thing and what really counts are the nutritional ratios of each individual product.

Since Met-Rx led the way in meal replacement powders since the early 1990’s, the formula has changed a little and more products have been added to the line. The powders allowed perfect nutrition to become available to everybody, and meant that large numbers of calories could be easily consumed. However, today there are many other products available so it is important to shop around to get the best deals.

Met-Rx have also started to develop protein bars, though user reviews complain that they are unnecessarily high in sugars and not as tasty as their traditional meal replacement powders. In short the general opinion is that Met-Rx products are reliable but there are now better nutritional supplements available if you shop around.

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  • Met-Rx is a very well known line of products.
  • The ingredients used in Met-Rx products meets high quality control standards.


  • Met-Rx products are usually used for gaining weight, not losing it.
  • Some Met-Rx products can be pretty expensive.
  • The meal replacement drinks and bars contain many ingredients that won’t help you lose weight.


If you are into working out, odds are you are already familiar with the Met-Rx line of products. They are one of the most widely used and praised brands in the bodybuilding area and are a great addition to any exercise regimen.

Unfortunately, if you are looking for a weight loss supplement or program, Met-Rx won’t have a lot to offer. If you lose your desired amount of weight and want to bulk up, you may want to check out the Met-Rx line however.

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  • 1
    Roy Cato

    I think you need to reevaluate some of Met-RX’s product line. There meal replacement shake is an excellent way to replace a meal with high quality protein, and moderate carbs, and low fat. They are a great way to lose weight. The packets contain 39 grams of protein so they satisfy your hunger and only 240 calories mixed with water.Amazon Prime members can purchase them for $1.74 a piece.


  • 2

    I am trying to lost weight and was given a large bag of Met RX bars that are donated. If I only eat 1/2 cup twice a day in the place of meals, will I lose or gain weight? I am desperate and was grateful that this was donated to me, but I have to lose weight for my health. I take one green coffee extract capsule 30 mins. before eating one half cup of the Met RX bars (since they are in a bag and stuck together, I break pieces off and measure one half cup.


    Your Name

    Did you not read the article?



    can anybody tell me which one Met-rx is the best for use i’m 19 year old and going to jym from last 6 months and now want to take some energy from suppliment if any body perfectly know that which one is the best so please reply me on this post…… waiting…… :)


  • 3
    clinton hill



  • 4

    have been using met rx and have deloped a lot of mucus and cough … will this hamper my getting bigger or what do i need to do?


  • 5
    Sheila Nazario

    Im 40 and looking to loose weight by using Met-RX meal replacement protein powder (2 shakes and one meal for lunch). I only do treadmill for about 40 a day. Can I loose weight with this product or will it actually make me gain weight?


    Your Name

    When it comes to losing weight, it’s all about calories in vs calories out. There are many calculations that can tell you how many calories your body burns in a days time, just take that number and subtract 500 to 1000


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