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Meta Ignite is a product from GNC. The supplement is part of a new line of products called the GenetixHD line. We are familiar with GNC products; some are great and others are lacking in more ways than we can mention in one review, so we knew going into the review that things were up in the air. What we did not expect to find was a lacking ingredient list. GNC always posts the ingredients in the formulas that carry the company name. In this case, however, all we found was a couple common B vitamins and a list of blends. What is in the blends? We have no idea and GNC’s not telling.

List of Ingredients


  • Niacin
  • Pantothenic Acid
  • Tri-Pepper Blend
  • Metabolic Igniter Blend
  • Physio Metabolic Pump Blend
  • Fatty Acid and Energy Metabolizer Blend

Product Features

GNC GenetixHD Meta Ignite is a letdown in every way. Despite the fact that there are multiple positive reviews; an indicator of how well the supplement is formulated, the company does not list the ingredients in the formula.

We can assume the Tri-Pepper Blend includes Bioperine and Cayenne Pepper with some other pepper extract. This formula would increase absorption of the other ingredients and slightly increase body temperature.

The Metabolic Igniter Blend could include caffeine, guarana, synephrine and dimethylamylamine. Some of these ingredients are positive and have clinical proof they work to increase metabolism and others are associated with severe side effects like heart palpitations. Again, we have no idea what ingredients GNC used in Meta Ignite so we cannot judge the blend.

The Physio Metabolic Pump blend is a complete mystery. The Fatty Acid and Energy Metabolizer likely includes some source of omega fatty acids, but what source is yet another mystery.

If we were to judge Meta Ignite on the reviews, we would tell dieters to give this supplement the good old college try, but dieters want more than good reviews. They want to know the ingredients in a formula so they can judge if the product is safe for them. Dieters with heart conditions and those taking blood pressure medications should steer clear of this supplement because it likely contains multiple stimulants.

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  • Sold by a trusted supplement company.
  • There are several good reviews of the product.
  • May contain proven ingredients like caffeine and green tea.


  • None of the ingredients for the blends are listed.
  • Could contain stimulant ingredients with negative side effects.


Meta Ignite by GNC is not a supplement we would suggest dieters use unless they are willing to visit a GNC store and read the label. The ingredients in the formula are a mystery known only to GNC and the dieters who’ve trusted the company enough to purchase a bottle.

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  • 1
    Vania Goldrich

    I would like to thank you for the efforts you have made in writing this post. Thanks a lot for sharing here..I hope you will come up with more and more similar articles


  • 2

    Dr. Done my bariatric surgury last year now i loss my weight about 60 kg i want to reduce more with workout and i also suffer from from thyroid my question is that did ignite is right choice for me for weight loss


  • 3

    should I still take it on non work out days. and if so, how many oppose to workout days?


  • 4
    Tank Taylor

    Today was my first day. Took two pills just to see what would happen and went to work. Didnt feel a bunch of energy but didnt feel tired until 6hrs of work with no break and high dress levels. Im prone to getting crazy when I take these pills but I was able to get a lot done without a crash. 11 hrs later im pretty tired. Good nite. P.S. no wired stool or restroom activities.


  • 5

    this,s my 1st day trying meta-ignite. to start i just took only 1 pill and after exercise i got dizzy and i feel nausea. its been 2 hrs and i still feel sick.


  • 6

    I am taking the elite phisique vitapak which contains meta ignite. I get no restlessness, raising heart, or nausea. I take it in the morning with a shake and 30-40 minutes in I get good energy. Nothing unbelievable but enough to give me a good workout.
    Those having issues with restlessness if your taking it at night or late afternoon that could be why. Nausea could be from taking on an empty stomach. Some people’s bodies are just more sensitive to stimulants. I truly think this is nowhere close to the strongest I have had though. Thank you


  • 7

    I have been using this product for over a month.. I love it. Only take 1 & if I need an extra boost..than 2. Like any other product that is new, especially to you..u start slowly on d dosage…gnc also let me know this.


  • 8
    Your Name

    This product needs to list the side effects. I’ve only taken it for 3 days and have suffered from insomnia, restlessness, abdominal pains and a watery stool for a week. I stopped taken it 2 days ago, but still don’t feel back to normal. also, it’s hard to workout w/o running to the bathroom with Meta in your system. I’m pretty sure there’s laxative somewhere in the ingredient.


  • 9

    I took three pills like the bottle told me. I went to the gym and worked out for an hour a half hour later, and all of a sudden I became super nauseated. I got home and plopped on the couch. Couldn’t move, couldn’t eat. So I just went to bed thinking I would feel better. Wrong. I couldn’t sleep at all that night. I was clammy and nauseated all night. I woke up and nearly passed out in the shower. The side affects to this is awful. And the taste of these pills are so discussing and hard to swallow because they are so bug. I don’t recommend this supplement. And if you’re trying to lose weight.. go to the gym and eat healthy. Nobody should need a supplement to help. Half of them aren’t even safe.


    Follow instructions

    Your supposed to start out with one to find your tolerance. Not just pop three and go about your way. You need to read the directions on the box. Your tolerance was low and that’s why you lost sleep and became nauseous.


    Braulio Hernandez

    I feel like I’m going to pass out in like a hour and a half of cardio .. Body feels like a internal burning feeling and also I get drowsy start to feel sick …. I’ve also noticed that it keeps me up all night …. I’ve been on it about three weeks and this has happen about 1 week ago … I work out 4 days a week .. It’s starting to worry me


  • 10

    Does this make you go to the bathroom



    No it doesn’t affect most people any different than normal. If you are very sensitive to caffeine then it may upset your stomach. But that is not the usual. That is why it says on the box to start out with one and assess your tolerance. It’s no different than someone drinking a coffee for the first time. It may make them have to go to the can for relief.


  • 11

    I actually like it very much. Gives great energy throughout workout for that extra set. Theh ingridients are all listed on my box. 90 tablets for $35 isn’t bad either.


  • 12

    I’m thinking about trying it out I have high bp but I took a thermo before and it did nothing to me so I’m trying it out


  • 13

    Is it okay for someone with high blood pressure try mega ignite



    Hell no!!


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