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Metabo Ultra Max is a weight loss supplement. The manufacturers of this product claim that it is a safe and effective method for losing undesired weight. Users are assured by the manufacturers that Metabo Ultra Max is designed to raise metabolism as well as assist in burning fat quicker and more effectively. This product claims that using Metabo Ultra Max along with healthy eating and exercise means that the pounds will melt away.

According to the manufacturers of Metabo Ultra Max, the ingredients are all natural. This will ensure that a user will not feel drugged or jittery when taking the supplement. The weight loss program is said to assist in boosting energy, lowering appetite and raising an individual’s metabolism. The method in which this supplement works is claimed to be a simple chemical reaction. Metabo Ultra Max locks on to stored reserves in the body to assist in boosting energy and to make a user less hungry.

This supplement can be found in several retail stores as well as around the internet. Metabo Ultra Max can run around $15 for a 60 capsule supply. The recommended dosage is 1 capsule before a meal 3 times a day.

List of Ingredients

There are very few ingredients in Metabo Ultra Max. These are: Calcium Pyruvate, Chromium Polynicotinate, L-Tyrosine, Korean Ginseng and L-Phenylalanine.

Other ingredients are not given.

Product Features

According to the manufacturers, all the ingredients in Metabo Ultra Max are 100% natural. They will not make a person feel anxious or nervous. Ginseng is a known herb that assists a person in clearer thinking as well as boosting energy. Calcium products help a person with stronger bones, and it is an important supplement that a healthy body needs.

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  • The prices for Metabo Ultra Max seem fairly reasonable. They can run between $10 and $20. However, many vendors have sales to get them even cheaper.
  • Metabo Ultra Max has all natural ingredients. The low number of ingredients indicate that there are no unnecessary fillers and harmful material.


  • There is no known manufacturer. Most of the tablets that were found had a different packaging as well as labels.
  • Tests on the properties of the ingredients have not been properly done. They are safe for the body individually, but how they work together is still uncertain.
  • Reviews of this product are heavily mixed.
  • Return policy or free-trial offers from the product manufacturer are unknown.


All weight loss drugs are just that, drugs. Even all natural ingredients need to be tested for effectiveness as well as for consumer safety. One individual may experience a large weight decrease while others may experience weight gain. With proper diet and exercise, the Metabo Ultra Max tablets may be effective. However, when taking these pills and eating unhealthy meals, a user is more likely to achieve noticeable results when combining their supplement regimen with a healthy diet and exercise routine. The fact that we could find no prominent manufacturer of Metabo Ultra Max would probably lead us to keep looking for a similar supplement with more manufacturer support.

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    I have a bottle of these, on the side it says “proudly manufactured by Bionauticals Inc, 10501 south orange ave, orlando, fl.


  • 2

    Joann, It the Metabo Ultra Max working for you? If so how many pounds have you lost in how much time? And does it have any caffine?
    I cant seem to find the answers to this.
    Thanks, Terri


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    joann escamill

    What is the difference between Metabo Ultra Max and Metabo Max Free? I am taking the Metabo Max Free.