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There is an official website for the weight loss product Metabo Up which tells us that the ingredients in Metabo Up are made up of a proprietary blend consisting of amino acids, and herbs such as Taurine, Arginine, Ginseng, and Theobromine. The website tells us that these ingredients will work together in Metabo Up to increase a user’s metabolism and energy.


The ingredients in Metabo Up consist of a “proprietary blend” containing Taurine, Arginine, Ginseng and Theobromine.

Product Features

The official website for Metabo Up tells us that it comes in a powder stick form. We are told that if you just wish to lose a few pounds then you should mix one stick pack with eight to ten ounces of cold water. We are further told that if you wish to lose more weight in less time that you should take two sick packs of Metabo Up mixed in water. Each pack of Metabo Up consists of fourteen stick packs. The website gives a telephone number to call if you wish to order this product. It cannot be ordered directly from the website. The website does not give any details on the price of Metabo Up. There is, however, a 100% money back guarantee if the product is returned within thirty days. It is difficult to undertake a proper assessment of Metabo Up as we are not given details of the exact ingredients in the product, but are only told a few of the ingredients in Metabo Up.

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  • There is an official website for the weight loss product Metabo Up.
  • There is a 100% money back guarantee if the product is returned within thirty days.
  • There are details given on the official website including a telephone number for customer service.


  • The official website does not give a full ingredients list, but only lists some of the ingredients that are present in Metabo Up.
  • We are given no details of the price of the product on the official website.
  • You cannot order directly from the website but only by telephone.
  • We are not told what differentiates Metabo Up from other similar weight loss products for sale.


Competition amongst the manufacturers of weight loss products is tough. Consumers are information-hungry, and if there is an official website for a product they expect this website to give details regarding the price of the product and also allow curious, potential consumers to see a full product ingredients list. Unfortunately, the official website for Metabo Up, gives no price details and the information given on the product ingredients is far from satisfactory. It is impossible to make a proper assessment of this product when such essential information is lacking. We cannot therefore at the moment see why Metabo Up should be your pick above other weight loss products for sale.

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  • 1
    Linda roughan

    I bought several bottles on a good special. I have carried on eating normally while taking these pills twice daily. I have not lost any weight and I have had diarrhoea most nights with bloating of my stomach. I feel these have been a total,waste of money for me.


  • 2

    I’ve had Medullary Thyroid Cancer. Had thyroid removed along with the cancer. So far so good!! BUT the MetaboUp Plus says do not use if you have Thyroid disease…..will it hurt me to take this? I don’t a a thyroid anymore so just wondering?


  • 3

    dose these pills has side effect, if yes what are the side effect


  • 4

    do i need to take MetaboUP and lipozene together


  • 5
    Your Name

    I took it for six months and went from a size 12-14 down to an easy size three. Love it and have recommended it to everyone.



    I got mine from a Kroger grocery store. and I have a few questions for you. did you have to exercise on it or is it really how they say you don’t have to change anything?


  • 6
    Maria morales

    I been trying this product for about 2 weeks know and I have ser some changes in my body it defenetly gives me more energy and I sweet much more and faster I would totally recommend it I’m also staring to see some pounds dropped of course you have to try ur best and do exercise I do zumba in my home whenever I hv Time and it works !!


  • 7

    I would like to now if your able to take this product if you have diabetis and what could happen if I do. If i take it for a while till i loose some weight would that be ok. Thx


  • 8

    Metaboup weight loss guide…pg4. 40/40/20….and then you give meal options, nice. However, the meal options list calories only. If you are serious about people using your product and losing weight wouldn’t it be most advantageous to list protein, carbs and fat per meal options?? Makes sense to me.. ..educate your customers. Am I wrong??


  • 9

    what happens if u take 3 a day


  • 10
    bethany hotl

    I had a drug screening and the metabolte showed cocaine l nearly lost my job


  • 11

    I have a question do I take one capsules with the lipozene pill or take them one by one as long as it’s two pills


  • 12

    Metabo Up plus-it DOESN’T WORK…I’m so disappointed


    Your Name

    I know how u feel. I get bad stomach cramps and diarrhoea and no weight loss. I have taken these for 2 months if anything I have gained wright and a bloated stomach


  • 13
    loretta null

    I have the pill form how many is suggested daily


  • 14
    BethAnn Strauss

    Does it cause constipation? I’ve been on it and am now backed up…Just curious….


  • 15

    Does it really work igot. Iam just wondering. How fast u see results



    MetaboUp is for extra energy…I love it and find it works for me :) all products are diffrrent for different people. GI’ve it a try and see! I’d suggest buying at Wal-Mart though…not online :) I got a free trial offer of this and Lipozene from mt dr and I’m hoping for good results. I also workout every othrr day and drink about 3 litres of water daily.


  • 16
    Mimi Abbassi

    I have three bottle of metaboUp, don’t know if they are expired or not, never been open? how should i know?


    Your Name

    Look under the bottle


  • 17

    I have used this product but now I need to know how to continuing getting it. I can find the lipozene tabs at Wal-mart and want to stop getting them but I want to continue the metaboup. Walmart has metabolite and I don’t think it is the same. Please let me know how to get the metaboup



    I bought Metabo up pills at Walmart from makers of Lipozene take 2 daily with 8 oz. of water 60 ct. cost $14.48…I am trying it out cause most pills you have to take up to.6 per day and this one you only take 2 which is a great value!


  • 18

    Where can I buy just the Metabo up?


    bob coate

    in northern california


  • 19





    Your Name



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