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The Metabolic Balance Diet claims to revolve around two key principles. The first is that a healthy metabolism is an attainable goal of all people. Dieters simply need to provide specific nutrients to achieve optimum weight loss. The second is that everyone is able to develop a desire for only those foods that will help them achieve their weight loss and maintenance goals.

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The Metabolic Balance Diet requires consumers to send in blood samples in order for the program administrators to personalize a diet plan designed to work best with each dieter’s metabolism. There are four phases of the diet. The first phase lasts two days and is designed to cleanse the body through purging. The second phase focuses on readjusting a dieter’s metabolism by closely adhering to the personalized diet plan. The third phase allows dieters to enjoy a wider variety of foods. The fourth phase teaches dieters to maintain their new habits in order to stabilize their weight. The cost of the program is approximately $800 before shipping and taxes and includes the blood tests, individualized diet program and meal plans, a book by the creator of the program, a consultation with an advisor prior to each phase, webinar classes, and weekly weigh in consults for a maximum of six months.

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  • The program provides individualized options and personal consultants who can further assist dieters.
  • The program encourages dieters to examine all of their dietary behaviors which can lead to lasting change.


  • The product is prohibitively expensive for the average consumer.
  • The diet is very regimented and may difficult and expensive for dieters to follow.
  • Eating out may be difficult due to the dietary constraints of the program.
  • The plan requires blood tests to be formulated for each dieter. While this is included in the cost of the program it does require personal information to be given over to the company.
  • The recipes may be difficult for those with limited cooking experience or limited access to fresh produce.
  • No scientific evidence that the program works and per the information provided by the website the program is not supervised by physicians.


This program appears to offer dieters a medically supervised weight loss program, however, it is not actually supervised or controlled by medical personnel. There are no weight loss suppressants provided or activity regiments. It is simply a diet plan that is allegedly personalized for each customer. It is prohibitively expensive and the price does not include any support after six months. If you have not lost your desired weight and wish to continue receiving assistance after that period you would be required to pay an additional fee, although the amount is not specified on the program website. For the limited services provided and the high cost, we cannot recommend this program.

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4 User Reviews about Metabolic Balance Diet

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    I tried the Metabolic Balance diet several years ago, and did lose the weight I wanted to. My problem with it is that due to thyroid issues I shouldn’t have been eating soy products as recommended. The effect was I lost the weight, but my hormones were messed up from the soy. Five hours also proved to be too long a span for me between meals, making me tired and lethargic.


  • 2

    I’ve been using this plan for 3 months and found it very good. I’ve lost over 30 pounds and enjoy the food very much. It seems limiting at first but the problem was eating too much anyway, right? It’s pretty simple, a set amount of protein (from your list), a set amount of fresh veggies (from your list), crackers or rye bread (optional) and a piece of fruit twice a day. It’s a very balanced diet, it’s not low fat or low carb. There is no snacking allowed between meals and I think that’s one of the main reasons for it’s success..allowing at least 5 hours between eating allows more time for fat burning. They do attempt to give you your food list based on what is available in your country. I also imagine having a good coach makes a big difference. If it’s in your budget it’s worth it. I wasn’t having much success on my own and this has retaught me how to eat. So far so good!


  • 3

    I live in the Middle East & have paid a lot of money to have my blood results interpreted, etc. The foods that I am advised to eat are very limited in reality as so many of them I have either never heard of or we don’t have them locally. The diet I believe is based on the average diets of Germans, which is totally different to the Middle Eastern/Mediteeranean diet I am used to. Also, my ‘coach’ was on holiday when I decided to start the diet (mid July ’13) and since that time she has only contacted me twice after I contacted her in desperation…. not exactly my idea of ‘coaching’. I’d try and find a local referral before going ahead wherever you are….


  • 4

    i would like to know how i can find out more about metabolic balance diet

    i live in pretoria