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The Metabolic Effect Diet is based on the idea that if you work to recharge your weight loss hormones, your body will do most of the work for you, and you won’t have to worry about all the hassles of dieting in the traditional sense. If only it were that easy, right? We will take a closer look at the details of the Metabolic Effect Diet to determine if there is any truth to the principles, and how much work you will really have to do.

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The Metabolic Effect Diet works based on a scientific approach to change the body’s fat burning hormone response to exercise and dieting, rather than working to ensure you are exercising more and eating less. Rather than focusing on how long you exercise, you are now advised to focus on how hard you exercise and the types of exercise you are doing. Research indicates that while cardiovascular exercise such as running, jogging or walking will definitely burn calories during your workout, after your workout the exercise can work against the hormones that are responsible for burning calories while your body is at rest. When you use short bursts of “smart” exercise from this plan, you will get focused results that keep the fat burning hormones at work even when you are resting, to give you better results in less time and with less overall effort. When your fat burning hormones are not working like they should be, it results in stress hormones accumulating, which leads to cravings for traditional “bad for you” foods, such as sugar, salt, and fat. When your hormones are doing the right thing, these cravings go away and enable you to make smarter food choices.

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  • The Metabolic Effect Diet highlights chemical differences between the chicken breast and the doughnut with the same number of calories, and seeks to educate people on why the choice between the two does matter.
  • There is a book to accompany the website.


  • The Metabolic Effect Diet does not provide clear meal plans.
  • There are no recipes available.
  • The approach may be difficult for people with physical limiations or disabilities.
  • Many of the testimonials for the book are written like sales copy.
  • Much of the information is what we already know, with a different spin on it.


The Metabolic Effect Diet makes sense, because you should be eating what’s good for you and you will want less of what is not. The exercise ideals make sense, too, but many of the diets and products we review here do, too. Just because something makes logical sense does not mean it will work. We need more information about the program to really make a call on it.

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