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Metabolife Complete is a weight loss supplement created by one of the most trusted names in weight loss – Metabolife. Metabolife Complete is a caffeine and stimulant free formula that claims to increase weight loss without giving a dieter the jitters commonly associated with diet pills. While the product can be found online through third party websites, it is not listed as part of the current Metabolife supplement line on the official site.

List of Ingredients

Vitamin B6, Riboflavin, Niacin, Pantothenic Acid, Thiamin, Proprietary Blend including Chromium, Calcium, Thiamin and Code 16394.

Product Features

Code 16394 is the sole reason we are telling dieters to stay away from Metabolife Complete. While the other ingredients listed are safe for everyday use and are typically found in a multi-vitamin anyway, listing an ingredient with a code name is the same as lying to the dieter. What is Code 16394 and how will it work to increase weight loss?

There is mention on several websites of Super Citrimax being an essential part of Metabolife Complete, but that ingredient is not listed. The dieter may assume the Code 16394 is the Super Citrimax, but that assumption is not confirmed with support from the official website.

Without any knowledge of what the secret ingredient may be, the dieter can only assess the effects of the remaining ingredients on weight loss and those effects are nil at best. Vitamins and minerals are a good part of daily supplementation, but weight loss is not a normal side effect of taking the daily supplements. Metabolife Complete claims to curb appetite, increase weight loss and help the body burn more fat but the facts do not back up these claims.

Metabolife Complete is available in 126 capsule bottles for $22.99. One website suggested the dieter take the supplements as directed around the clock while another claimed only two capsules were to be taken daily before dinner. The confusion could be cleared up if Metabolife included some supportive information on the official website.

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  • Multi-vitamin support for the body is healthy.


  • Code 16394 is listed as an ingredient.
  • The official Metabolife website does not list this product.
  • Information from different online retailers varies in terms of suggested use instructions.
  • None of the listed ingredients will increase weight loss.
  • No appetite suppressants are included in the formula.


Metabolife may be a trusted name in weight loss, but this product does not live up to the claims it makes. Fat burners are researched and proven to work every year and this formula included none of the tested ingredients. For the cost of the supplement, the dieter could buy a daily multi-vitamin and have some left over for the fat burner that will show them good results.

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