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Qivana produces the Metaboliq system for people who want to eat right and lose weight. The system is comprised of four elements combined into one weight loss program. The four formulas are Shake, Stick, Boost and Resist. Each offers a different angle for weight loss support. There are no ingredients listed for most of the supplements in the Metaboliq program. We would like to see what ingredients are included to determine whether or not the dieter would see any weight loss benefits.

Qivana does not offer Metaboliq for sale, but it does offer an affiliate program where others can sell the product for a profit. There are no free trials of the supplement, but testimonials are available with some impressive before and after photos. Unfortunately, before and after photos could be generic and the consumer would never know the difference.

List of Ingredients

Shake – 200 calories and no listed ingredients.

Stick – 200 calories and no listed ingredients.

Boost – Decaffeinated Green Tea, Cayenne Pepper and L-Carnitine.

Resist – Indian Herb.

Product Features

The four steps dieters are expected to take when following the Metaboliq program are meal replacement, supplementation, prevention and exercise. Meal replacements are available in shake and stick form. The shake mixes with water or milk. Milk will increase the total caloric impact of the shake mix, but Qivana claims most dieters feel less hungry when the use milk. Stick is a chocolate meal replacement bar that can be used in place of shake.

Boost is the weight loss supplement packaged with Metaboliq. The ingredients in the supplement are not going to boost weight loss at all. Decaffeinated green tea may be a great source of antioxidants, but the caffeine has been removed. Caffeine is a proven fat burner that could boost metabolism just enough to promote weight loss, even in small amounts. Cayenne pepper may aid in absorption of vitamins and other ingredients, but that does not boost weight loss.

Resist is created from an unnamed Indian herb that prevents the tongue from tasting sweet foods. This is supposed to stop cravings and keep the dieter from overeating. If sweet foods taste less appealing, the dieter will eat fewer calories. This is a hypothetical theory that may work on paper, but not in real life. Dieters who eat out of habit or to curb negative feelings are not going to stop eating because sweet does not taste as sweet.

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  • Ingredients for the Metaboliq are listed online.
  • The official website offers information on each part of the Metaboliq formula.


  • Not all supplements and meal replacements list ingredients.
  • We have no idea how much the system costs.
  • There are no proven weight loss ingredients.
  • Caffeine is taken out of the green tea.


Metaboliq may have strong testimonials, but we do not see how the supplement portion of the program helps increase weight loss. The 200-calorie meal replacements are enough to cause weight loss, but they will also cause hunger. If the meal replacement shakes and sticks are eaten for breakfast and lunch with a sensible dinner, the dieter is likely to consume less than 1000 calories per day. That is far too low for most dieters and will likely cause hunger and rebound weight gain.

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  • 1
    Jim P.

    My son is using the Metaboliq system and has seen dramatic weight-loss without loss of lean muscle mass. A close female friend of mine also uses the Metaboliq system and, in the first two weeks alone, has lost an average of 2lbs a day and has already gone down 2 pants sizes. She claims that she does not find herself feeling hungry in between shakes, bars, etc. she eats a sensible dinner and vegan exercising again.


  • 2
    Jim P.

    Your review of Metaboliq is outright false. Anybody can go to Qivana’s web site and purchase ANY of their products without going through affiliates or becoming one. In addition, you claim that ingredients aren’t listed. FALSE. ALL ingredients and nutritional information are clearly listed on each product. None of the before and after photos are generic. They are actual users of the product, many of whom I personally know or have met. It is disturbing that your web-site feels the need to lie to readers in order to promote their own products or products that they endorse.


  • 3

    This product has 34 years of clinical studies behind it and was created by the TOP doctor in the study of metabolism. (Dr Donald Layman). There are over 90 peer reviewed articles to support it’s efficacy. It actually corrects metabolism if taken as directed.It helps your body to burn fat, and convert it to lean muscle mass by the focus on the correct macrobalance of nutrients; specifically protein. There are 29 grams of high quality animal protein in each shake. It is a 90 day challenge. The shakes/boost combo cost approx $3.30 cents per day (1 shake/day, which is a MEAL replacement…suggested as breakfast). The shakes are a perfect balance of protein, carb, fats, fiber and curb hunger for 4-5 hours.The shakes are individually packaged which makes them convenient to take on the go. The weight loss is sustainable. My husband lost 60 lbs in 8 months, and no longer takes insulin or is diabetic. My sister has gone from a size 16 to a size 6 in about 7 months by following the suggested plan. I’m an RN that is impressed with the science behind the products, AND by the results. I highly recommend the Metaboliq system. It is 100% pharmaceutical grade, third party QA tested; contains absolutely nothing artificial, and absolutely is an effective and safe means to lose weight the healthy way.


  • 4
    b. patterson

    What are the ingredients? What are the side effects?


  • 5

    Me too I love this plan, not done with my 90 day challenge yet but I have lost 13 lbs am in a size 6 jeans and finally have a waist…


  • 6
    Steve sullivan

    This product has worked wonders for me. the hunger can be taken care of by eating veggies during the day to curb the hunger. I have lost 32 lbs. on this system and am sold.



    Hi the Metaboliq system is great, lost 25 lbs within 3 1/2mos and I do cheat and not starving. This was the easiest way for me to lose weight so far. Come like my facebook page Get Healthy with Carol to keep on top of what we have to offer as far as products and if you want to make addl income from home doing so too.


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