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Metasys capsules commonly referred to as shape up capsules can be effectively used by slimmers as part of their calorie controlled diet. The ideal dosage for this medication requires the user to take two capsules twice a day, after breakfast in the morning and after midday food. Metasys capsules should not be viewed as appetite suppressants. The green tea extract contained in this product has a great effect on a body’s metabolism or the rate of burning calories. This weight loss product can be used together with various weight loss products such as appetite suppressants in a diet that is calorie controlled.


Metasys contains 100% green tea extracts, which are natural plant extracts. It contains 25% catechols, anti-caking agents such as silicon dioxide and magnesium stearate, which has a vegetable origin.

Product Features

The Metasys green tea product is a supplement offering to increase the bodies natural calorie burning ability. There are no other ingredients to help hamper an appetite or increase fat burning.

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  • Being natural plant extracts these capsules are suitable for use by vegans and vegetarians.
  • Metasys has been confirmed to be highly effective due to its green tea content.
  • The green tea increases this medication’s potential to effectively burn fat since it increases a person’s body metabolism.
  • However this medication is not supposed to be relied on for those trying to bind/block fat or suppress their appetite.


  • There are no known side effects though people, who have allergies, are pregnant or breastfeeding should consult with their doctor or physician for advice or to be well informed before using this medication as a precautionary measure.
  • People suffering from diabetes, epilepsy and other underlying medical conditions should consult with their pharmacist or doctor before using this medication.
  • Other people who should avoid taking it without a go ahead from the pharmacist or doctor are those under complimentary therapy or taking another type of medication.
  • This is a food supplement and should be used to supplement the user’s diet and should therefore not be used as a substitute for varied diets.
  • It is important to note that supplements and vitamins are not meant to be used to prevent or treat any disease.
  • This product is only fit for adults. Children and all those under 18 years are not allowed to use it unless instructed by the doctor or physician, which is unlikely.


There are many reputable online pharmacies and chemists where one can buy KMetasys capsules. This capsule can either be bought as a prescription or non-prescription medication and there are several online stores that one can buy depending on whether they are buying it on prescription or as a non-prescription drug. Prior to using this product, users should carefully read the instructions included with the drug on its packaging.

Green tea, the main ingredient, can be found in a host of weight loss supplements without the chance of side effects of warning listed with this product. There is little reason to take such chances when there are other, proven products available.

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    I noticed continuous raise in blood cholesterol reading since I started to use Metasys (3 months), the readings are reaching limits for the first time in my life. Is it possible that this raise is related to Metasys?


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    Wanda Gardner

    Can I use these capsules while I do Lighter Life Diet?