Methyl 1D PSARM Review

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Methyl 1-D pSARM is a fat burning, bodybuilding supplement from LG Sciences. This supplement should not be confused with pSARM which is the previous version of the product. LG Sciences supplements tend to be focused on bodybuilders as opposed to traditional dieters. The Methyl 1-D pSARM supplement is linked to various YouTube videos depicting weight lifters in the gym. LG Sciences markets Methyl 1-D pSARM as the next big bodybuilding supplement, but does the ingredient list back up that excitement?

List of Ingredients

Osthole, Hibiscus, Ellagic Acid, Eurycoma Longfolia, Stinging Nettle.

Product Features

The Methyl 1-D pSARM, also referred to as M1D pSARM, was originally released in Australia. The United States version, pSARM, included Yohimbine which is banned in most countries so this version does not have Yohimbine. Bodybuilding forums reveal many bodybuilders are excited about the new formula because of stomach discomfort associated with Yohimbine.

The original pSARM supplement was not the most effective formulation of ingredients for bodybuilders, so removing Yohimbine will not likely change that fact. The major problem with the pSARM line by LG Sciences is the fact that pSARMs or phytoSARMs do not exist. There are no plant based ingredients that evoke a SARM reaction in the body. SARM stands for Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator. In layman’s terms, SARMs are supposed to act like steroids in the body increase muscle mass. Prescription SARMs are being tested for a variety of illnesses and diseases, but none of these come from plants.

Osthole is used in Chinese medicine to boost libido. There is no evidence this ingredient will boost testosterone or increase muscle mass or muscle strength. Hibiscus may decrease the time it takes for wounds to heal and protect the heart. Again there are no links with bodybuilding or muscle mass.

Eurycoma Longfolia is tongkat ali, a natural libido booster. Claims include this ingredient can be used to naturally boost testosterone but that is another false claim. Stinging nettle is used in many bodybuilding supplements for its ability to bind to sex hormones and free up testosterone. These claims are purely hypothetical as no research studies have proven this effect on the body.

The official website for Methyl 1-D pSARM does not list any ingredients. LG Sciences has also produced two other similar substances – pSARM and Methyl 1-D. These are not the same supplements though the ingredients are similar. One bottle of Methyl 1-D pSARM sells for $39.99 directly from LG Sciences.

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  • Yohimbine is removed which could reduce stomach trouble associated with the supplement.


  • The ingredient list lacks clinical support.
  • Methyl 1-D pSARM may be confused with other LG Sciences supplements.
  • No ingredient list is published on the LG Sciences website.


This product is not made for dieters so we would suggest trying a natural, fat burning supplement with green tea and caffeine as opposed to a supplement created for bodybuilders.

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