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What You Should Know

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After making it through a bulking cycle, the bodybuilder will typically take a fat burner to reduce body fat and rid the body of excess water. If a prohormone is taken during bulking, PCT is also needed. Methyl Ice is a fat burner that contains liver support. The liver support is added because prohormones can cause liver damage.

It is important to note that this supplement is not formulated for the average dieter. The stimulants are stronger than normal and come with a longer list of potential side effects. There is a mood booster and diuretic ingredient in the formula as well.

List of Ingredients

Thermogenic Energy Amplification: Caffeine Anhydrous, Green Tea Extract, Thiamine Disulfide Butyrate, Theobromine, b-Phenylethylamine, 1,3 Dimethylamylamine, Methyl-Synephrine and Evodiamine.

Thyroid Stimulation Blend: N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine and 3,5 Diiodo-L-Thyronine.

Water Explusion Matrix: Dandelion Root and Vitamin B6.

Liver Support and Detoxification Blend: N-Acetyl L-Cysteine, Milk Thistle and Vitamin C.

Product Features

Methyl Ice takes the cake when it comes to post bulking fat burn. The stimulant matrix includes caffeine and green tea – proven fat burners. But, it also contains phenylethylamine and 1,3 dimethylamylamine. Phenylethylamine is a mood booster that can cause severe mood swings if the bodybuilder or dieter has a history of mental illness. The 1,3 Dimethylamylamine is associated with heart palpitations in some cases.

Creatine and prohormones typically cause water retention, so this supplement includes a diuretic. Diuretics are taken by most bodybuilders, but dandelion root is not the most effective ingredient. Typically, the bodybuilder will take more than one diuretic to reduce water weight.

Liver support is included as part of the post cycle therapy. Prohormones may cause liver damage and thus PCT is necessary. This is not a complete PCT, so a standalone PCT supplement is still needed.

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  • Ingredients are clearly listed at the top of the product description.
  • The formula includes proven fat burners.
  • Diuretics are included to reduce water retention.
  • Available for sale from the manufacturer.
  • Part of a complete line of bodybuilding supplements.


  • Not designed for the dieter.
  • Will likely cause negative side effects from overstimulation.
  • Should not be taken by bodybuilders with a history of mental illness.


Methyl Ice is more than a fat burner. This product may cause side effects including jitters, insomnia, mood swings and dehydration. The liver support blend is not strong enough to qualify as a PCT and should not be used in place of PCT. Dieters need to choose a proven fat burner without the added ingredients that could cause negative side effects. Before taking this supplement, even the most seasoned bodybuilder should start low and work up to a full dose.

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