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Methyl Masterdrol has been through the ringer at LG Sciences. The current version of the supplement is version 3 which means two previous versions have been retired and reformulated. The current supplement claims to increase focus and cause aggression. LG Sciences is the only bodybuilding supplement company that seems proud of aggression because many of the testosterone supplements make that same claim.

List of Ingredients

Prohormone Complex: 3beta-hydroxyandrost-5-ene-17-one, HydroxyPropylBetaCyclodextrin

Metabolism Complex: 7-methoxy-8-(3-methylbut-2-en-1-yl)-2H-chromen-2-one, Beta-hydroxy-tyramine, Spinacia Extract, Chitosan, Lechithin, Zinc Asparate, Luteolin, delta2,3′-biindoline-2’3-dione, Yohimbine.

Product Features

LG Sciences is a master of marketing even if they are not a master of supplements. The Methyl Masterdrol claims to help the user achieve “razor sharp cuts”. The product is sold to be used in conjunction with MMv3 also by LG Sciences. While the supplements can be purchased separately, they are also packed together in the Trifecta Stack.

In the prohormone complex, the first ingredient is 3beta-hydroxyandrost-5-ene-17-one. This is a long, wordy name for DHEA. DHEA has been studied for use in various illnesses and as part of anti-depression and weight loss supplementation. There is clinical evidence DHEA may improve mood but studies on weight lifting, bodybuilding and weight loss showed insignificant results which means the product just does not work as claimed.

HydroxyPropylBetaCyclodextrin is in a family of cyclodextrins. Cyclodextrins are commonly found in air fragrances and weight loss supplements. HydroxyPropylBetaCyclodextrin is supposed to bind to fat, but we could find no studies to reinforce this claim. HydroxyPropylBetaCyclodextrin also removes unwanted, or bad, flavors from food which could be the reason the ingredient is included.

Moving into the Metabolism Complex, the first ingredient is 7-methoxy-8-(3-methylbut-2-en-1-yl)-2H-chromen-2-one which is another lengthy name for a simple product, osthol. Osthol claims to boost testosterone, but very few studies have been completed on the ingredient and they have all been on rats or mice. The results of these studies are not relevant to humans. Beta-hydroxy-tyramine is the scientific name for Octopamine. Octopamine is found in various insect species and is responsible for mood and memory functions. In the medical community, this ingredient is used to treat hypotension and cardiac arrest.

The tablets are disintegrating so they dissolve in the mouth. One bottle of 135 disintegrating tablets sells for $54.99.

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  • The ingredients are listed online.


  • None of the ingredients will impact testosterone levels.
  • Dieters will see no weight loss benefits.


Aside from the great promotions, LG Sciences offers very few supplements that make a mark in bodybuilding or weight loss. Methyl Masterdrol offers ineffective ingredients with claims based on theory and not proof. Even when clinical trials are found, most have been completed on animals. This is not a supplement that will prove highly effective for either the dieter or weight lifter.

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