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In today’s diet market you will easily encounter an assortment of supplement formulas that are supposed to be consumed in place of meals. The point of this is to give dieters the vitamins/nutrients they need, but without all of the calories and fat that often come with typical meals. An example of this is the Micro Diet. This is essentially a brand of soup and shake products that are supposed to be consumed in place of meals in order to aid with fat reduction. As you may have assumed, these supplements need only to be added to cold or hot water in order to be ready to eat.

With the Micro Diet shake formulas, you will find flavors like strawberry, chocolate and orange. The major ingredients incorporated into these shakes are Milk Whey Protein (helps build lean muscle mass), Wheat Milk, Green Tea Extract, Egg Whites, Vitamin B Complex and Isolated Soy Protein (offers essential amino acids). Since these Micro Diet supplements are low in calories and fat, but high in protein, these products aim to help with fat reduction, while improving lean muscle mass. The retail cost of these shakes and soups is $32 (this may last around 10 days total). There are no additional oral supplements involved with Micro Diet to curb hunger or improve thermo genesis.


Not available on the official website.

Product Features

Micro Diet is a couple different weight loss supplements that can be taken regularly by both women and men to potentially aid in the weight loss process. There is no regular fitness routine or planned exercise program involved with the Micro Diet. After reviewing the official website, there does not appear to be much revealed on these supplements, nor is there clinical research that is explained well. The key to the shakes and soups is that the users should ideally lose unwanted body fat since they are consuming fewer calories and fat.

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  • The Micro Diet supplements work as meal replacement products, which some dieters may like.
  • The key ingredients found in these supplements are primarily healthy forms of protein, which is generally good for improving lean muscle mass.


  • There are no clinical trials provided on the official website to support Micro Diet supplements.
  • There are no appetite suppressing ingredients found in these products.
  • These two supplement formulas do not aim to improve thermo genesis.


It is important to really think about your goals before choosing any weight loss products these days. As you may have noticed, they all endeavor to accomplish different things. The key is to think about your condition in particular and what it is you wish to accomplish. If you are seeking out meal replacement products in order to consume fewer calories daily, then you might want to consider Micro Diet products. However, it is crucial to remember that there are plenty of other similar supplement formulas that aim to do the very same thing. So do your homework before buying Micro Diet shakes or soups.

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8 User Reviews about Micro Diet

  • 1

    I used this diet in the 80s and lost weight which I kept off for a long time. how can I buy this again? I can’t find it anywhere.


  • 2
    irene blackshaw

    I also was on the microdiet in the 80′s and it was a great way to lose weightI used to have a lady that would deliver what I wanted to my home and she would mix the flavours up for me if needed,but it seems that you cannot get this product here in the UK any longer it has to be ordered from the US. such a pity that they dont have the agents over here anymore. and yes it worked for me I used it a couple of times a year to stay at ny ideal weight… it was best one I found, out of all the drinks on the market,but it seems that they dont do the bannana one anymore !!!! that was one of the best.


  • 3

    They only make shakes now. I too lost a lot of weight in the late 80′s and kept it off. There is nothing like it. I tried others like Medifast and nutrisystm but I dont do well on lower carb diets. The amazing micro diet had a healthy balance of carbs and protein. The bars have yet to be matched in my opinion. I lost weight every other day and plateued only at the end. I miss it!!


  • 4
    Sueko Valles

    I am very interested in your micro Diet. I want to buy in Hawaii, but is there any shop in Hawaii?


  • 5
    Martha B. Davis

    Just ordered micro diet,hope
    to see some result.
    used in back in the 1980
    lost track.


  • 6

    I loved the meals and the bars….would love to know how to get more…it helped me to lose weight in the 80′s ..


  • 7



  • 8
    Martha B. Davis

    Are there any foods available
    with the shakes?