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The official website for the computer software program Microdiet tells us that it is was created by a team of experts at Manchester University in the United Kingdom to enable Professional Dieticians to analysis nutrients and calories in the diets of their patients. We are told that the first Microdiet program was written and created twenty years ago, and the University decided to sell is commercially after a number of dieticians began to ask if they could have copies of the program.


Microdiet is a nutrient analysis software program.

Product Features

The official website for the Microdiet software program gives information for Professional Dieticians to enable them to understand what they will be able to do with this program. The official website tells us that Dieticians will be able to convert recipes into a single database food and that the program can create automated reports which include spreadsheets giving precise and detailed nutrient information. If you are a Professional Dietician and are interested in purchasing a licence to use this software, then the official website gives a number of ways in which you can obtain further information about the Microdiet Program.

The official website does not post details on the cost of purchasing the licence to use the program. Of course the Microdiet program is a software program which has been designed for professional use. If you are simply looking for something which will help you lose weight and calculate the calories and nutrients in the diet that you choose to follow then the Microdiet program is not going to be suitable for you.

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  • There is an official website for the Microdiet software computer program.
  • Contact details are given for the relevant department in the University of Manchester to contact if you are a Professional Dietician and would like to purchase a licence to use the Microdiet Program.
  • The official website gives detailed information regarding the background history for the Microdiet software program.


  • The official website for the Microdiet Program does not post any information regarding the cost of purchasing a licence for the program.
  • The Microdiet program is designed to be used by Professional Dieticians not by individuals who simply want to lose a few pounds.
  • There are other simpler ways of calculating nutrient values in diets than using a computer program.
  • The Microdiet software program is not the only nutrient analysis program available for purchase on the market.


At the end of the day if you are simply looking to lose a few pounds in weight you do not need a sophisticated computer program to help you do this. This program really is designed to be used by Professional Dieticians who are dealing with people who are so seriously overweight that it may be health threatening.

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