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Microlactin by Protein Factory is a concentrated form of milk protein used to improve joint health. Protein Factory does not sell Microlactin as a standalone supplement. Instead, the consumer must purchase a protein powder from the company and add Microlactin to the blend. Protein Factory offers several customizable protein powders. Consumers have the ability to add ingredients to create a personal protein powder.

Antibodies and micronutrients are behind the joint support. Protein Factory references clinical trials that support joint health claims, but we found no external links to these trials. There is a warning at the bottom of the product description that states Microlactin has been tested on people 20 years and older. Anyone under the age of 20 should not take Microlactin. The ingredient is 90% lactose free, but it is not safe for people who have milk allergies.

List of Ingredients

Microlactin from Cow’s Milk.

Product Features

Imagine taking all the proteins and nutrients in many glasses of milk and concentrating those into powder form. This is essentially how Microlactin works. No dieter or bodybuilder could consume enough milk to achieve the same effect as this concentrated powder. The only cows used for Microlactin reside in New Zealand. They are fed a special diet, though the specifics of that diet are not revealed, and milk is harvested and concentrated.

There are several sections in the product description comparing Microlactin to cow’s milk, glucosamine and chondroitin. Glucosamine and chondroitin are two other supplements commonly used for joint health. Each section gives a long list of reasons to choose Microlactin over these other choices, but no clinical proof is offered proving why consumers should use Microlactin.

The cost of Microlactin is listed as $3. This price is added to the base cost of protein powder supplements from Protein Factory. We have no idea how much Microlactin is added or what amount is needed for optimal performance. Protein Factory claims Microlactin starts working in just three days, unlike other joint health supplements that requires weeks of use before the user feels the effects.

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  • Ingredient information is provided for the consumer.
  • Microlactin offers concentrated micronutrients.
  • The price is lower than any other joint health supplement.


  • Dieters must purchase a customizable protein fro Protein Factory to order Microlactin.
  • No clinical trial links are listed in the product description.
  • No mention of a money back guarantee.
  • No testimonials from users having purchased the product.
  • No free trial is offered from Protein Factory.


Microlactin is a concentrated form of milk nutrients dieters can take to improve joint health. Despite the long list of benefits, we have no idea if these benefits are proven or just claimed. Without testimonials, we cannot even verify the claims with human proof.

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