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Midnight Stallion is a claimed to be the “world’s strongest fat burner” by the product’s advertisers. Although there doesn’t appear to be an official website for this dietary supplement, it is sold on websites like ECA-stack.net. In addition to burning away unwanted fat, Midnight Stallion capsules aim to increase the user’s energy levels, suppress cravings and improve overall lean muscle mass. A single container of Midnight Stallion offers 100 capsules, which are taken three times daily, 1 capsule each time, to potentially assist with weight reduction. Currently it appears that this diet pill has been discontinued and replaced with one called Yellow Devils.

There are four major ingredients found in Midnight Stallion capsules. These are Herbal Ephedra (assists with thermogenesis and fat burning), White Willow Bark, Kola Nut Extract (works as a stimulant like caffeine) and Chitosan (comes from shellfish). One website that offered this diet drug states that Midnight Stallion capsules should take effect within 45 minutes after taking the capsules. It’s difficult to determine at this point if Midnight Stallion was actually offered with a money-back guarantee. Individuals who are pregnant, nursing, afflicted with high blood pressure, suffering from depression or who have thyroid or liver disease should not take Midnight Stallion weight loss supplements. It is advised to consult a real physician before taking Midnight Stallion. Some side effects can include headaches, dizziness, nervousness, palpitations and tremors.

List of Ingredients

Not available on an official website.

Product Features

Midnight Stallion is a weight reduction supplement that is claimed to boost energy levels, suppress food cravings, burn fat, assist the metabolism and improve overall lean muscle mass. It appears that this diet drug is suitable for men and women alike, who are 18 and older. There are no success stories posted on an official website for Midnight Stallion capsules. In fact, this diet product was replaced with a similar product called Yellow Devils. Midnight Stallion contains active ingredients like Herbal Ephedra (assists with thermogenesis and fat burning), White Willow Bark, Kola Nut Extract (works as a stimulant like caffeine) and Chitosan (comes from shellfish). The price for Midnight Stallion is not revealed.

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  • Midnight Stallion was sold in an easy-to-manage capsule form.
  • Clear warnings are posted where Midnight Stallion supplements were sold.
  • Midnight Stallion promotes the natural process of thermogenesis.


  • There is no official website for Midnight Stallion supplements.
  • This diet product doesn’t appear to be offered any longer and appears to have been discontinued.
  • Midnight Stallion diet pills contain a known harmful ingredient called Ephedra.
  • No money-back or satisfaction guarantee is mentioned at all.
  • Midnight Stallion contains Chitosan, which may cause allergic reactions in individuals who are allergic to shellfish.
  • A full list of ingredients for Midnight Stallion is not revealed, nor is the price it sold for.


When all is said and done, Midnight Stallion diet capsules do not come across in a very positive light. The fact that this weight loss product contained Ephedra may have a lot to do with the fact that it was discontinued. But also, there is no official website that comes up for Midnight Stallion, nor is there any satisfaction guarantee or customer testimonials posted where Midnight Stallion was sold. Finally, it is stated that individuals considering Midnight Stallion capsules should speak with a licensed physician before ever taking them. This is likely due to allergy reasons and to potential side effects that may apply.

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