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Mike Chang is a fitness trainer and professional wanting to provide information regarding abdominal fitness programs. For more than 15 years, Chang has provided information relating to exercise and diet. On his website, he provides information relating to his programs as well as testimonials from current and former clients. He guarantees individuals will see results. Is he telling the truth? We will find out.

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  • Certified personal trainer and author of Sixpack Shortcuts.

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Mike Chang is a certified personal trainer and fitness celebrity. He has created a fitness program focusing on building muscle as well as sculpting the abdominal region. The program includes a fitness plan, diet recommendations, and access to the member website as well as a personal training guide. The system is available on the website for approximately $100. This a bit on the high side, considering changing the way you eat and exercising is free.

We looked though the website and throughout, Mike Chang discusses the simplicity of the program. He also discusses how he transformed his body. What is not provided is the length of time, on average; it takes to complete the program. He also does not disclose the program is self-paced. A self=paced program could easily lead to boredom.

A positive relating to the fitness programs designed by Mike Chang is that several of the fitness routines are available on YouTube. Again, Mike Chang wants dieters to invest money and the videos are free online.

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  • Dieters can order his programs on the official website.
  • His products are available with a 60-day money back guarantee.


  • The program is expensive.
  • The studies used in conjunction with the program are more than 10 years old.
  • There is no guarantee of effectiveness.
  • There is limited information relating to diet and supplementation.
  • The fitness plan requires dieters to join a gym.
  • The program is self-paced.


The system developed by Mike Chang is interesting in the fact the program is nothing new. The techniques offered are similar to existing fitness routines already on the market. He attempts to lure misinformed dieter by showing his before and after photos and no photos along the way. There is no indication as to how long you need to us the program prior to seeing results. Mike Chang offers advice relating to diet, but the information is limited at best. There is not consideration given to supplementation.

We like the passion Mike Chang brings to the table. We feel as if the average dieter could achieve results without paying $100 for information they truly do not need. If dieters want six-pack abs, change the way you think of food, move more and consume the correct amount of supplements.

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