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Mike Whitfield is a fitness enthusiast who decided to make a change in his eating habits and exercise patterns. After the changes, he lost more than 100 pounds. He is the author of several ebooks discussing bodyweight training and fitness. As a non-professional, he has great ideas, but no founded on scientific research. The information available is readily available online. Should a dieter put their trust in someone who is a professional or someone who struggled just like them?

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  • Fitness enthusiast.

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Mike Whitfield is an average dieter struggling to find the correct path to achieve success with weight management. He overcame obstacles by eating less and moving more. Whitfield created fitness routing commonly viewed on YouTube demonstrating how he was able to lose more than 100 pounds in less than one year.

His book, Bodyweight Torch, focuses on metabolic training using bodyweight and not free weights or resistance training. He claims this is the only process necessary in order to lose fat, gain muscle and improve overall health and wellbeing. We have to agree that exercising will in fact assist dieters lose weight, but only in the short-term. There was not information relating to long-term weight management. At times, programs such as the one available from Mike Whitfield show you how to lose weight right now, but not keep it off. Programs such as this tend to be monotonous. Dieters “think” they will always be on a diet and never have the ability to live a normal life.

The best part of the program is the cost. The program is free. The program features sample workouts, online video demonstrations and alternative fitness routines for individuals not physically in shape to perform exercises as designed.

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  • The program is free.
  • Mike Whitfield is a living testimonial to the effectiveness of his program.
  • Mike Whitfield provides a YouTube channel to demonstrate fitness routines.


  • The exercises presented in his programs could potentially lead to injury.
  • Several of the exercises are designed for a fitness club setting.
  • The diet recommendations are nothing new.
  • Mike Whitfield is not a fitness expert.
  • The techniques may not work for all individuals.


There are several schools of thought relating to bodyweight exercises. Some experts claim bodyweight exercises produce better results than traditional exercises using free weights. The other school claims free weights allow individuals to shape smaller muscle groups. The truth is simple. Both types of exercises are great, when used in conjunction with proper diet and supplementation. Mike Whitfield is on the right track in the way he discusses his techniques. We like how he has the ability to motivate the average dieter. What better way to motivate, than to show dieters you were just like them. We also like how the information provided is free. The unfortunate side of bodyweight exercises is the potential for injury, due to the individual starting weight of individuals.

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