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Not everyone trying to lose weight has a large space for fitness equipment. Stepping machines can take up too much space for apartment living or small homes, so the Mini Stepper was created to mimic the workout of a larger machine while taking up far less space. The mini stepper is a tiny unit with just two-foot pedals and a hydraulic system to spring pedals back into original place.

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Portable, smaller sized stepping machine.

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The mini stepper can be used for one of two reasons. The first is that a dieter may want to try out a stepping fitness workout in the home before investing in a much larger and much more expensive machine. The second reason could be a lack of space. Mini steppers are typically very small and can be stored on any shelf or slid under a bed when not in use.

Even though a mini stepper is small, most can hold up to 250 pounds. Gym scale steppers often hold more weight. Some users even claim they have used weighted vests taking them over the weight limit and used the machine with ease. However, there are more negative reviews of the mini stepper than positive reviews. Many customers claim the unit is for light use only and breaks easily with daily use. Balance is also required to first step on the machine as the pistons will let down one side and tip as the user is trying to place the other foot on a pedal.

There are no hand rails or balance bars with the mini stepper, which could also cause a bit of problem in terms of balance. At the end of a workout when muscles are fatigued, balance tends to waiver a bit and if this happens on the mini stepper, the user could fall off.

Mini steppers retail for $49 to $59 and up. Stepping movements work the lower half of the body. This is where the largest muscles are located. Larger muscles tend to burn more calories during movement.

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  • Small workout machine for use in any size home.
  • Prices are lower than traditional stepper machines.
  • Users feel the burn in the lower half of the body where larger muscles are located.


  • Weight limit of 250 pounds excludes many dieters.
  • No handrails could mean balance and falling issues for some users.
  • Many consumers complain the units break easily.


Stepping is the perfect lower body workout. The same workout provided by the mini stepper can be accomplished free in any home with a set of stairs. Stairs also have no weight limit or pistons to leak oil. The mini stepper may be a good starter machine for light use, but daily exercise is required for long-term weight loss.

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    Is hydrolic stepper damage knee joints of mid foot


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    I have a mini twist stepper. I bought it, and it was just sitting there collecting dust, till one day I said I’m gonna try it out. I am 106 lbs, but I noticed that my thighs were jiggly with flab, I had huge saddle bags, and my thighs were looking chinky, along with dimplles on the back of them, and my buttocks. Also my stomach was flabby. After a week of using it for 15 minutes during the day, and 5 min at night I have noticed a big difference. My thighs hardly have any jiggle, my saddle bags have shrunk, they are almost gone, my stomach is the flattest that I have ever seen in years, and the dimples are diminishing. My pants feel a little looser. I think I have lost inches. The mini stepper does work. I don’t like the loud squeaking though. Will use a mini stepper forever.